Joe Danger 2: The Movie Screenshots

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Windows version

Main menu
That pretty much sums up the plot of the game.
The fist act. I wonder what this alludes to ...
The loading screen shows the goals of the stage.
Slowing down is not encouraged.
The result screen. I did well.
Secret unlocked.
The internet leaderboard .
After finishing an act, a "best of" is shown in replay
It gets colder in the second act.
The Steam version features the TF cast as unlockable characters
Ski or die!
Despite being on a jetpack, it gets quite frantic.
A mini game lets the player collect bananas in a short timespan.
Occasionally the levels become a bit more complex and the player actually needs to reverse.
Here the player has to disarm warheads. By jumping on them....
Surrounded by baddies.
The ever helpful "how to play" screen.
The end of level "best of" isn't shy of showing the players failures
Did anybody say CHiPs?
Rushing down the road...
.... and crashed.
I've got a bad feeling about this....
That is the "Ultra Hard Mode". And the name fits.
The "deleted scenes" are even more over the top insane levels.
The spy on a unicycle. Nothing special.
Slowing down is never a good idea.
Somewhere around here, sanity has left the building.
Combos and stunts are essential to rack up points.
That looks vaguely familiar.
An ingame store to purchase additional content.
The multiplayer is only local
The level editor
Working with the level editor to clear a level.
Occasionally, stage goals require a more "hands on" approach
Taking the movie setting to the thinkable extreme, here we are in a motion capturing set. Doing motion capturing. In a 3D game.
Sometimes stunts are even required to progress.
Physics are usually just a suggestion.

Xbox 360 version

Jet Pack
Jungle Dino
Mine Saw