Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Stage 1
Joe is hurt
Joe is unconscious
Joe goes to heaven
On the dinosaur's leg. Since the dinosaur is asleep, it has no idea
Me and my big mouth!
Joe is exhausted
Hurt the dinosaur
The Map
Stage 2
That's a big man-eating plant
The plant is hurt
The plant is dead
Stage 2 Course A
Boss hurt
Boss killed
Stage 2 Course B
Stage 3
Attack of the Killer Dolphins
Dolphin is hurt
Stage 3 Course A
Boss hurt
Stage 3 Course B
Stage 4
Stage 4 Course A

Arcade version

Title screen
Stolen women
He throws rock
Take chili
Fire power
Little dino
Boss fight
Stage clear
Green mini t-Rex
Electric geyser
Second boss battle
Like in comic
Life lost

DOS version

Main Title
Title Screen.
Title and Copyright Information (U.S. Version)
Copy Protection
Pterodactyls are our enemies.
Flying taxi driver.
First boss - a big & bad dinosaur.
Yeah, baby!
Water is your enemy.

Game Boy version

Title Screen
Enemies attack from land and air.
You have to make your way through cavemen and dinosaurs.
Lose all your life and it's game over.

Genesis version

Title Screen
Starting out
A pterodactyl
Food can help replenish the life bar
An enemy in a flying vehicle
Lost a life
A caveman angel
Jumping and throwing a weapon at the same time
Caught by surprise that the dinosaur woke up
Using stone wheels as a weapon
Hitting the dinosaur
Not so big now, eh?
Getting my reward
These guys are in my way
They are not in my way anymore
Throwing an arrowhead
Look, it's a piranha plant. I always thought they mostly came out of pipes.
Game over
Entering the players initials
High score list

NES version

Pre-Title Graphic
Title Graphic
Intro movie.
The Opening moments of the first level. Everything seems to have shrunk from it's SNES counterpart
Hey! There's enemy cavemen hiding in those bushes!
low-flying Pterodactyl
Stupid dino
The first boss... hit him in the head to kill him
First boss has a big dead zone
Ugly cave-woman
Sorry, i interrupt you.
Big T-rex spits small t-princes.

Rescued a cavegirl.
Dodging boulders on the bridge.
Electric fish leap out of the water.
Feed me Seymour!
These grumpy cavemen sometimes have weapons.
A pterodactyl boss attacks.
Running along the river.
This crested dinosaur is really huge.
Nearing the volcanoes.
This boss is an upright walking Euoplocephalus.
Another Krayt dragon?
Your ambush isn't going to work.
Another little T-Rex.
These birds are really annoying.
A purple pterodactyl.
We must be getting close to the end!
A magenta T-Rex!
Where the hell am I?
Who's this dino-man?

SNES version

USA Title Screen
Japan Title Screen
Data East Logo
Level select map
Bonk isn't the only prehistoric man craving meat
Catching a ride on a pterodactyl
To the left, a bone powerup
This bone-throwing skill sure is handy
Powerups come in these eggs
Probably shouldn't have killed that pterodactyl...

Zeebo version

Title screen.
As with many arcade games of this age, the controls for it are presented.
The only thing added to this version are these pop up menus. Here, for instance, you select number of players, access the options menu, the help screen or exit the game.
In the intro cutscene, women are kidnapped from the protagonists village.
Starting a new game. Defeated cavemen often drop food, which can be used to replenish your health.
Things are quite busy around the sleeping dinosaur. The caveman behind the bush is carrying an egg. Inside those you'll find food and sometimes other weapons.
The first boss. If the player holds the attack button, the attack is charged and, when released, the weapon is a lot bigger and does more damage.
After beating a stage, a map shows where the player is heading next.
Stage two. Several obstacles are presented to the player. In this case, I was hit by an electric fish.
The second boss is a giant carnivorous plant. In this case I'm armed with a stone projectile. Each boss holds a kidnapped woman from your village.
Some stages are divided in two parts. After reaching the middle of them, the player is presented with a choice of two courses to follow. I'm taking course A here.
After selecting a course, a little preview is shown. I should expect bees in this next level.
This is a vertical scrolling stage. The player must climb these trees, while watching out for those bee hives.
At the top of the trees you'll find the third boss, a giant green pterodactyl.
Stage three is a short but busy one. The player progresses jumping from log to log in a running river.
The boss(es) in this stage are these sharp teeth dolphins. My weapon here are those wheels, which sweep the ground as they roll.
Stage 3, course A, is another vertical scrolling stage. This time the player is carried down a waterfall by a pterodactyl.
At the base of the waterfall the boss, a water dwelling sauropod, awaits.
Stage 4 takes place in a volcanic environment. It seems that Data East is around for quite some time now.
Stage 4, course A. If you take too long to move, Joe will wave at you.
The stage 4 boss is an euoplocephalus.
After beating the euoplocephalus, the ground will crumble and Joe will fall to a short vertical scrolling bonus stage where he can try to grab all the food he can.
At the bottom of the pit lies a cave where the next boss, a mastodon, awaits.
Stage 5 seems to be a dinosaur burial ground.
The boss here is a dinosaur skeleton.
Stage 5, course A. Walking under the ribcage of a dead dinosaur seems the safest path in this stage.
The next boss spits smaller dinosaurs, specially when hit.
After beating the huge dinosaur, the player enters its belly to find yet another boss.