Joe Montana Football Credits (DOS)

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Joe Montana Football Credits


Designed byMike Benna, Jeff Sember
Programmed byMike Benna, Jeff Sember
Produced byKen Balthaser Jr., Michael Suarez
Computer Graphics and Art byKatrina Lefeaux
Music byMatthew Berardo, Russell Lieblich
Sound Effects byPete Mokris
Product Testing byTom Bellamy, Michael Coustier, Jim Gould, Wayne Townsend
Player's Guide written byMard Naman, Larry LeVine, Ken Balthaser Jr.
Box Design byMichael Patrick Partners
Box and Player's Guide cover photo byDavid Mattison
Screen shots byMelissa Marciano
Published byInternational Development Group Inc.
Thanks toInternational Development Group Inc.

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