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SEGA Master SystemGames-X (May, 1991)
If you're after the definitive American football simulator for your Master System, then get ready as this is the game for you.
Game GearRetro Game Reviews (Dec 17, 2015)
Joe Montana Football is an excellent sports title that's both easy to play and perfect for bite-sized gaming sessions. Offense and Defense are a blast but unfortunately Special Teams is a real let-down as much of the drama of making a last second field goal or extra point is absent.
Game GearPlay Time (Mar, 1992)
Überhaupt ist das Game ausgezeichnet spielbar und macht viel Spaß. Die Grafik ist ansprechend und den Sound kann man ja leiser machen. Falls Ihr noch kein “Gear to Gear-Kabel“ habt, solltet Ihr Euch schleunigst eines besorgen, denn im Zweispielermodus geht bei J.M.F. erst richtig die Post ab! Wer für sein Game Gear ein Footballspiel haben möchte, kommt um J.M.F. nicht herum. Diese Anschaffung ist bestimmt kein Geld, das zum Fenster hinaus geworfen wird.
SEGA Master SystemRaze (Jul, 1991)
A poor imitation of the real thing.
SEGA Master SystemneXGam (May 02, 2013)
Mal im Ernst - wer braucht im Zeitalter der aktuellen Madden Simulationen noch einen Titel wie Joe Montana Football? Außer ein paar fanatischen Sammlern vermutlich niemand, von daher solltet ihr den Geldbeutel ausnahmsweise stecken lassen..
SEGA Master SystemSega Does (Nov 21, 2017)
So yes, this is a considerable step down from the Genesis version. But considering the hardware limitations and the overall soundness of the football engine, Joe Montana on the Master System isn’t a bad little offering. The no-frills aesthetics and lack of game modes definitely hurts it, but it’s still a game you can break out for an hour or two and have a bit of fun.
SEGA Master SystemThe Video Game Critic (Dec 13, 2005)
Joe Montana won't win any awards for audio either, with its cringe-worthy crowd noise and tackles that sound more like flatulence. Did all of the players drive-thru Taco Bell on their way to the stadium? Finally, I really wish there was some type of half-time show. Joe Montana Football is no classic, but if you want to play football on your Sega Master System, this is clearly your best option.
Game GearSega Does (Nov 21, 2017)
All in all, Joe Montana on Game Gear is a mostly fun and functional little arcade football experience, although some of those design gaffes really make it aggravating. Like its Master System counterpart, it’s not a great long-term investment. As far as quick, bite-sized, instant gratification sports action goes, you could do a lot worse.
Game GearThe Video Game Critic (Feb 16, 2004)
Not too hot and not too cold, Joe Montana provides an average portable football experience.
SEGA Master SystemElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) (Dec, 1990)
This game tries to be something more than it is, but with a lack of good graphics, sound, or game play, it falls way short. Like most sports entries, this one works better as a two-player head-to-head because the computer simply stinks. My first play I beat it 93 to 21. No fun, no way.