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Although the game is quite daunting at first (there are so many decisions to make), a couple of games will teach you all the skills necessary to roundly trounce the computer, and after that you'll be ready to take on a skilled human opponent. With gorgeous graphics, super sound, and perfect playability, this is a Must-Have game for Megadrive owners.
GenesisMean Machines (Dec, 1990)
This is the most stunning sports simulation I've ever seen! It perfectly recreates all the thrills and spills of American football. There are so many amazing touches, I just don't know where to start: the absolutely gob-smacking 3D graphics which have to be seen to be believed, the superlative music and sound effects, the incredible amount of play options, the way the players celebrate a touchdown, the completely brilliant two player option, the way the players all gather round before a play, the highlights from other games that are played after a match... I could go on, but I'm sure you've got the message. John Madden's Football is the best Megadrive game yet - if you're a sports fan it's an essential addition to your cartridge library.
GenesisRaze (Feb, 1991)
John Madden American Football is successful because of two important factors. For real fans, the game is very accurate, containing all the moves you'll ever need with accurate implementation of the rules. For fans and non-fans alike, the game is very easy to pick up and play, visually attractive and aurally entertaining. A totally original game for the Mega Drive is always a pleasure to play, and when it's got this sort of depth you'll have trouble removing it from that cartridge slot.
The game itself is great fun, a finely balanced mix of strategic decision making and great two player arcade action. Graphically, Madden's is a top treat, it uses exactly the same scrolling technique as the Megadrive version and it looks slick and groovy. The music is a little different, but it's just as good as the original. All of the speech has been retained and the overall effect is stunning. This game features some of the best presentation I've seen on any machine, it all hangs together so well. This is the best American footie sim on the Amiga and probably the best sports game ever. If you don't buy this then you obviously already have it on the Megadrive, either that, or you're a shambling waste of life.
Playing John Maddens on the Megadrive is almost like watching a televised game. It's unbelievable realistic. The sprite football heroes are about an inch high, finely detailed and adequately animated. The ground uses a novel scrolling technique to great effect. Added to this is an ample sprinkling of muffled but intelligible sampled speech, grunts and groans. Though I'm disappointed with Rob Hubbard's soundtracks - they sound like they come from a BBCZ test card transmission. The constant white-noise sound effects for the crowd can get a little irritating.
Without question, doubt or reservation, Madden Football is the BEST sports simulation I've ever played! Not only do you get a good game of football one-on-one or against the computer, you get great graphics, incredible voice and even highlights from other games! Outstanding!
GenesisGénération 4 (Jan, 1991)
Electronic Arts a encore frappé, et je dois dire que les quelques jeux qu'ils ont fait sur la Megadrive sont vraiment des réussites. Ce troisième n'échappe pas à la règle, puisque les personnages sont de grande taille, leur maniement est précis et on retrouve toutes les phases de ce jeu légèrement brutal.
AmigaAmiga Power (Mar, 1992)
A near-perfect conversion of 1990's 'videogame of the year', with the only tweaks designed to improve on an already classic game. Two-player action is the key to unlocking this game's huge potential, so play with a partner. Graphically superb with glorious sound, John Madden Football looks as good as it plays.
AmigaAmiga Action (Mar, 1992)
Being a fan of American Footy and having played John Madden on the Mega Drive I knew roughly what to expect on the Amiga. For this reason I didn't experience the problems a new player may face. Getting used to the comprehensive control system may seem daunting but the game nurses you through quite well and is worth the initial effort. Once you reach this point you'll appreciate the huge amount of effort that has gone into everything. Whether you're an experienced quarterback or a second draft rookie John Madden comes highly recommended.
Die Grafik, der Sound, die Animation sind von überragender Qualität und vermitteln einem den Eindruck, live dabei zu sein. In Verbindung mit der hohen Realitätsnähe kann dieses Game sicherlich auf längere Zeit begeistern, nicht zuletzt auch deshalb, weil man sich erst mit den Feinheiten dieser Sportart auseinandersetzen muß. Allen Footballfans und denen, die es noch werden wollen, kann man dieses Spiel nur empfehlen.
Leider mußte die Geschwindigkeit der Spieler während des Laufens unter der farbenfrohe Grafik leiden. Dies sollte Fans des American Football jedoch nicht vom Kauf abhalten, denn diese hervorragende Simulation bietet alles, was das Herz begehrt.
AmigaAmiga Joker (Mar, 1992)
Allenfalls Kleinigkeiten ließen sich bemängeln, so wurden nicht alle der 28 NFL-Teams versoftet, und die Amiga-Umsetzung entspricht auch nicht der neuesten Fassung (‘92 Edition) für Segas Renommier-Konsole. Aber wie gesagt. das sind Kleinigkeiten, in der Gesamtheit sollte John Madden die Fans des Ami-Sports wirklich voll überzeugen!
AmigaPlay Time (Apr, 1992)
Während des Spiels werden in mehreren Grafikfenstern jederzeit die Anspielmöglichkeiten angezeigt, die für eine tolle Übersicht sorgen. Die Grafik des eigentlichen Spielfeldes wird in einer Pseudo-3D-Perspektive dargestellt und ziemlich schnell aufgebaut. Spieler, die sich weiter hinten befinden, werden auch kleiner dargestellt und vermitteln so das richtige Spielgefühl. Das Spiel wartet mit einem sehr realistischen Sound auf, denn fast alle Aktionen werden von digitalisierten Soundeffekten begleitet. Alle American Football-Fans brauchen nicht mehr länger auf ein Spiel für Ihren Amiga zu warten, John Madden Football ist IHR Spiel!
AmigaPower Play (May, 1992)
John Madden Football hat den Schritt vom Mega Drive auf den Amiga erstaunlich gut überlebt. Zwar sind die Spriteanimationen nicht ganz so flüssig wie auf Segas Maschine, die Grafik an sich sieht jedoch noch eine Ecke besser aus. Der famose 3-D-Effekt und der kernige Stadionsound (1 MByte vorausgesetzt) sorgen für gepflegte Superbowl-Atmosphäre. Die gegenüber dem Mega Drive etwas kompliziertere Steuerung (vom Pad mit drei Feuerknöpfen zum Joystick) entpuppt sich nach kurzer Eingewöhnungsphase als durchdacht und sehr zweckmäßig. Erstaunlich viel Taktikvariationen runden den extrem positiven Gesamteindruck ab. Spielt Ihr zu zweit, werden zwar gleichzeitig die Taktiken ausgesucht - der Gegenspieler kann aber, dank ausgeklügelter Bedienung, keine Rückschlüsse auf die erwählte Strategie ziehen. Das Gefühl, den Angriff meines Kumpels im Keim zu ersticken, ist unbeschreiblich - wieder landet sein mickriger Quarterback unter meinen 130-Kilo-Verteidigern.
GenesisPower Play (Jan, 1991)
Bei Electronic Arts kommt man immer mehr auf den Videospielgeschmack: Handelte es sich bei den ersten beiden Mega Drive-Modulen dieses Software-Hauses noch um 1:1-Umsetzungen von Computerspielen, so wurde die Sportsimulation "John Madden Football" von Grund auf neu programmiert. Mit dem gleichnamigen Computerspiel für PCs hat es nur noch den Titel gemeinsam, Grafik-Look und Steuerung wurden Mega Drive-gerecht aufgemöbelt.
60 (Aug 09, 2010)
There really shouldn't even be any kind of novelty in owning this game as it's not even technically the first Madden football, it's the second. It may be a lot more fun to play than the PC original, but all of the bells and whistles in that game such as the create-a-play, create-a-team, and team and playbook editor gave the original much more replay value. Add to this the fact that that game's players had names, which contributed a great deal to the game's charm. As much as I hate to say it, with the first John Madden Football on the genesis, we have a classic case of a game "aging" terribly.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic (Jan 04, 2000)
When choosing plays, you also need to choose which type of players you want, including big, hands, fast, or normal. After that, you often have to wait for half the team to run off the field, and THEN wait for the substitute players to run ONTO the field! This needlessly slows down the game. The physics aren't very realistic. Players can dive for over five yards or be knocked back just as far! Passing windows are used to view your three receivers, and while these windows do indicate how open your receiver is, they do not tell you how deep you he is, or how many defenders are in the vicinity. As a result, luck plays a major role in the passing game. The sound effects during the game are minimal, dominated by grunts and the "water faucet" crowd. It's a bit rough around the edges, but overall it was a great start for a classic series.