Jordan vs Bird: One on One Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Main menu
Starting a game on one on one. Bird has the ball.
Jordan shoots.

DOS version

Michael Jordan ...
... and Larry Bird ...
... go One on One.
Main menu with small player bios.
Warming up in the One on One practice.
Jordan defended by Bird.
Larry with the jump shot.
Post-game statistics.
The 3-point Contest with Larry.
Before the start of the Slam Dunk contest you have to select the dunk you're gonna perform.
MJ soaring towards the rim.
This was definitely not the way Jordan wanted to appear on national TV.
MJ's familiar pose.

Game Boy version

Title screen
Choose your option
Set features
The start
Bird in action
M. J. got no chance against Bird this time
Another Point for Bird
On the way to basket
Air Jordan
Jordan after the work
Choose your dunk
3 point challenge
The time runs

Genesis version

Title screen
Mode selection
If this was GTA, that whole sentence would have a completely different meaning.
The hardest shot
The camera changes depending on the position.
You bet...
More exciting than his baseball career, I'm sure.
10 moves are available.
Before the jump
The judges say "IT'S GOOD".
Every jump is pretty much the same in this version.
One of my favourite dunks
Yeah, savestates are wonderful, aren't they?
It would be a lot more amusing in the DOS version...
Bird blocks a shot inside the paint.
Jordan trying to return the favour.
Jordan watches as Birds sinks another one.
And as this isn't a school playground, whining won't do.
A replay of Jordan kissing the hoop.
Jordan slams it again...
... but Bird wins with another two-pointer.
Post-game stats

NES version

Title screen
Choosing options for the full one-on-one game
Bird takes Jordan on
Choosing dunk for the slam dunk contest
He's up! He... misses!
For threeeeee!