Journal Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
The desk where the journal is opened and the game starts.
The girl in her room at the house.
Start of the first day with a journal that is entirely empty.
A conversation with the girl's mother
Walking outside.
Elena is a friend from school.
Going to the park.
After each conversation the journal is filled with a short summary.
Talking to John in the park.
Certain areas are blocked off with objects from the desk until later chapters.
Important decisions are shown in a different style. They carry over throughout the entire game.
A scene from the puppet theatre shown after each chapter.
A boy at school
Trevor is working on a comic.
Catherine is the popular girl at school
Ms Martin wants to talk to you.
Anne is a quiet girl and works hard.
A police officer during an investigation
At the local charity shop
A homeless man in the park
The girl something becomes anxious and then all conversations are shown as garbled letters to reflect this.
The part to the left is blocked off with a ruler.
Near the church
Talking to the priest.
At the grandmother's grave
You only meet your dad late in the game.
In the final chapter the visual elements take the backseat to the story and do not need to be taken literally.
In front of the hospital
Inside the hospital
At the end of the story the girl leaves the journal and moves through the room.