Joy Mecha Fight Screenshots

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NES version

Title screen
Game selection
The story so far...
The first stage map
The enemy selection screen
You'll start with Sukapon.
The tutorial screen, where you can learn your robot's moves
The first battle
After defeating the first robot, Dr. Eamon comes to capture it.
To the next fight, your first new robot is available.
The second fight, using the first captured robot.
The third fight, using the second captured robot.
The fourth fight, using the third captured robot.
The fifth fight, using the fourth captured robot.
The sixth fight, using the fifth captured robot.
The seventh fight, using the sixth captured robot.
The fight against the stage one boss, using the seventh captured robot.
After defeating the stage boss, you'll see all your finishing movements against each robot of that particular stage.
The second stage map
New robots are introduced.
Battle at the fairgrounds
eye is yours!
jump over enemy