Judge Dredd Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Welcome to the future...
Orders for our first mission
Stage 1: Starting location
Stage 1: Don't look up, don't look up...
Stage 1: Avoid the gas leaks...

Game Boy version

The story
Title screen
This perps armed and dangerous
Climb across the cables
You can shoot upwards at unsuspecting perps
Shoot the perp whilst hanging on the ladder
A computer terminal
The computer gives you info on you mission
An ammo crate
Destroy it with the grenade launcher on your gun

Game Gear version

Title screen
First mission objectives
Climb along cables
A perp
Use the ladders to get up higher
Blast the droids
A computer terminal
Check you mission stats
When all objectives are met you can leave the level here
Blow up the weapon boxes
An extra life
Flying with your jetpack
The first boss
Mission 2 the cubes
An escped prisoner
Lock the gates with the computer
A jetpack pick up
Free the hostages for more points
Careful of the spikes
The second boss
You crash in the desert of the cursed earth
In the desert town
An armored cannibal
The retired judge
Find the book of the law
Game over

Genesis version

The Story
First mission brief
A perp
A computer terminal
Use it to check your mission stats
Use the rail to climb over the vents
The floor breaks away beneath your feet
The first boss
Sentenced to death
Enter here to finish the level
Mission 2 Aspen penal colony
An escaped perp
An extra life pick up
The prison security computer
Use it to seal the doors to prevent more prisoners escaping
Beneath the prison
Time your jumps carefully
Game Over

SNES version

The story
Your mission briefing
Dredd in the rain
The perp pleads guilty
Climb above the steam valves
Use the computer terminal...
...and check your mission stats
You can shoot whilst climbing ladders
His feet are on fire
A perp's soul don't get to close
Enter to finish the level
End of level score
A shotgun toting perp
Destroy these ammo crates
An escaped perp
Up on the beams
A health pick up
The prison security computers used to lock the doors
Under the prison, In the water
Game over
The high score table