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The best old school ladders and girders platform game ColecoVision gametrader (233)
Jump-Jump-Jumpity-Jump, Jumpity-Jump we go! Commodore 64 Katakis | カタキス (39520)

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ColecoVision 5 4.5
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Combined User Score 12 4.4

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ColecoVisionTeleMatch (Jul, 1984)
Ein abwechslungsreiches Spiel zur Freude aller Miner-Fans.
ColecoVisionThe Video Game Critic (Jul 06, 2002)
Little details add to the fun; for example, when your man falls or takes a hit he'll tumble down the entire structure, and occasionally you'll get lucky and he'll fall right onto the last circle, clearing the screen. It just doesn't get any better than that. Jumpman Junior is one of the few titles that let you to set the game speed (from 1-8) and I recommend setting 3. Another nice feature is the excellent harmonized music - these catchy tunes brought back some serious memories! Jumpman Junior is simply a blast to play, and only a sore thumb could pull me away from this.
The sixth level is a perfect illustration of what Jumpman Junior is all about. It isn't just a game where all you do is run around different screens, gobbling up or destroying something. It requires you to think, to plan ahead and to be patient. With every level you have to think of how best to do something, how to make the most of certain obstacles and how to solve problems that may appear unsolvable. With all the years of adventure games behind them. Epyx has put all their experience together to come up with one heck of a game.
Commodore 64The Video Game Critic (Feb 13, 2013)
The game is certainly fun to play but if you had to pick between the two I'd go with the original for its extra levels, gradual difficulty ramping, and cleaner gameplay. Jumpman Junior may boil down to "more of the same", but like beer and Rush, that isn't necessarily a bad thing.
ColecoVision8-bit Central Retro Gaming (2014)
Jumpman Junior is a fast paced platformer that has some interesting maze elements and strategy that becomes more apparent as you play more. It has good replay value and the controls are really good. We have to say this is an excellent game-night game with plenty of manic action to generate attention and rowdy cheers!
ColecoVisionAll Game Guide (1998)
In terms of visual and audio aesthetics, Jumpman Junior is decidedly ordinary when compared to certain other ColecoVision games of its type, such as Donkey Kong and even Space Panic. However, its 12 levels of challenging and varied play will keep hardcore gamers happy. If you enjoy Miner 2049er, chances are you'll have a good time with Jumpman Junior.
Commodore 64Micro 7 (Apr, 1984)
Les jeux d'escalade tiennent le haut du pavé. Les 30 tableaux de Jumpman nous avaient enchantés. Pour ceux qui n'ont pas d'unité de disquette voici une séquelle en 12 tableaux. Pas autant de stratégie que dans Lode runner, mais plus riche que Miner 2049.