Jumpman Junior Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari 8-bit version

Title Screen
'Zig Zag' Level
'Spellbound' Level
Jumping to your doom

ColecoVision version

Title screen
Level one: nothing to it!
Watch out for fires...
The moving ladders...
Look out for falling hellstones!
Lost a life on Figurits Revenge

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Level one: nothing to it!!
Watch out for fires!
This level is called Sreddal (thats ladderS backwards)
Watch out for falling hellstones...
A puzzling level called Figurits Revenge
Level 6 - Walls - There's flying walls in this level.
Level 7 - Zig-Zag - The bullets go in a zig-zag pattern in this level.
Level 8 - Spellbound - Every time you pick up a bomb, a letter appears.
Level 9 - Blackout - As you move - the level appears around you.
Level 10 - Herethereeverywhere - When you grab a bomb you'll be transported to the glowing square.
Level 11 - Hatchlings - Watch out for them!
Level 12 - Hurricane - The wind is blowing against you in this level.