Jumpman Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Toying around in the playground.
The complex level editor
These are some basic levels, notice the next ones in the background.
Touch the blue sign to exit the level.
Regular jumping over a fast enemy
You need to rotate the level to complete this one.
Many enemies out to get you.
This should be obvious.
Sometimes the screen zooms in when the level is quite small.
Meet the yellow ball that can crush enemies.
Progress has been saved.
Another difficult section
This looks rather straightforward.
From here on, it gets a little crazy when you see your character mirrored multiple times.
Bombs can cause the scenery to explode.
The background with future levels can be a little distracting.
So, where are the safe platforms?
Lots of mayhem
Rotating the world to avoid the enemies.
Are you still following?
I'm the orange one.
Some look very easy, until you try it yourself.
Follow the arrow.
I'm close to my mirror man.
In the grayed out areas the world cannot be rotated.