JumpStart Pre-K Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Signing in - click the key when done
The map of Our Town - you can see Moby Park off to the left :)
Visiting the Toy Shop; running the cursor over the screen will reveal clickable animations
The player builds the pictured bear by selecting matching parts from the shelves
When the player collects four stars he can pick from three items to place in the park
The Clothing Store, in an appropriate shape!
Click to move each part of the letter onto the t-shirt
When a t-shirt is finished the picture animates. It can also be printed
The Fire Station
Find the hidden matches to load the bears onto the truck
The Diner
After Kisha mixes up the plates, the player puts them back in order from least to most
The Barbershop
Follow the shapes as they appear in the shaving cream. The levers at the bottom of the stools will bounce the current animal off and replace it with a new one
The Carousel - click the number of balloons the mouse holds
The clown floats away once he holds all the balloons
The Bakery
Follow the given letters to connect the dots
The Airport
Move the plane up and down to fly through every cloud that does not match the shape on the dashboard
Construction Zone - load up the truck before it enters the tunnel
The player wins items to place in his park - they can be moved around, and animate when clicked
A sample progress report...I swear I know my colors!