Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2 Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Splash screen.
Main menu.
Loading screens will provide you with some general hints.
Welcome to Panau Islands.
Rico didn't come here to make friends.
The natives seem to shoot first and don't ask question at all.
The only jump in the game without a parachute... better get some and soon.
Map of Panau Islands, there's a lot of territory to explore.
Glide down to the landing spot.
Finally on solid grounds... not that it's Rico's forte anyway.
Use grappling hook to reach high places or jump to moving vehicles.
Your grappling hook can also be used as a weapon.
Use grappling hook to gain a momentum then switch to parachute in mid action for a quick lift.
Using barrels to take out the enemy guards.
Weapons are plentiful, ammo is not.
Those two guards have me right in their aim.
Using nearby AA gun to cause some serious chaos.
Rico can grapple to cars, trucks, helicopter, jet planes, and even a nuclear missiles.

Just Cause 2 Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
Meet the hero and a girl that plays no important role whatsoever.
The start of the game and already something is blowing up - awesome!
Now that's what I call a chase scene!
The Black Market is where you get all your stuff.
I think I just caused the property value to plummet.
Quick Time Event #1: Wrestling a guy for his car.
The leader of one of the three rebel factions on the island.
Quick Time Event #2: Open doors, disarming bombs, activating consoles.
That's one hell of a party-balloon I'm crashing into in a few seconds.
Snatched a slick airplane.
Sorry, this boat is now the property of Scorpio.
Nico Bellic has to walk up to a car to snatch it. Scorpio uses his hook shot.
Incoming hood!
The reapers and the Ular Boys have already expanded but there's still much military territory left to take over.
Scorpio's always available parachute.
Nothing personal, man - I just wanted to show the MobyGames-Visitors the gore in this game.
Flying a heavily armed helicopter with unlimited ammo - hell, yeah!
I've to make sure that stupid technician survives in order to take over the harbor.
Take helicopter.
Small glitch
Where is my car?
Civilian boat in side view
Military boat