Kabuki Klash Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Player Select.
The next fight.
Close combat.
Kick to the head.
You knock her back.
Low kick.
Hit her.
Hitting her low.
Next fight.
An axe to the head.
Attempting an attack in the air.
Hit her with your sword.
Another hit.
You missed.
Jump attack.
Your turn to taunt.
Low hit with sword.
Kick to the head.
Attempting to attack.
Good hit with sword.
Burst into flames.

Neo Geo version

Title screen.
Title screen (Japanese version).
In the main menu, you can only choose the difficulty level.
The basic moves are exhibited in this tutorial: take a time to see!
Character selection.
VS Screen.
Manjimaru's Raikoh damages Tsunade and changes his shape for some seconds: what a power! :-D
Orochimaru with an aggressive air attack: too bad, Gokuraku... :-P
Using her magical strong attack, Kinu has a good advantage now.
To intercept Manjimaru's possible counter-attack, Yagumo uses a stylish strong kick.
Kabuki launches a furious tornado in Ziria, that blocks immediately.
Gokuraku's strong attack has a good range: just wait the best chance to use it!
Hot stuff: Ziria toasts any opponent in his way using the burning-flaming KoTen!
Beyond her magical abilities, Kinu is great in the corporal ones too.
Victory screen.
Kinu's Toriyose meets Yagumo's Narukami: what will happen now? Imagine the possible result... :D
Tsunade's Bakujin Namekuji Keri was executed, but Tsunade (?) jumps, escaping at time.
Introduction frame – Kabuki Danjuro in a cool pose.
Accurate hit: in a perfect moment, Kabuki's RaSaitoh breaks Tsunade's ground advantage!
With a raging-flaming-rolling move, Shiro avenges the attack suffered for its beloved owner... ;-D
Demonstration mode: Orochimaru attacks with his dragon-shaped strong attack.
Be sure that Kinu and her pet Shiro must defeat Yagumo's fans to stand a chance... ;-D
Manjimaru's TenRai are active and functional, but Gokuraku not reacts quickly: he will block the attack?
Kabuki makes some damage into Tsunade with his spherical-flashing move SenpuuDan.
Orochimaru's TatsuyariRengeki and its bloody hits in Yagumo.
A giant frog spits out lots of flames in Ziria's special move KamiHono.
In his special move Baka-no Jutsu, Manto Ace calls some fellows to attack.
Now, the giant-iron-buddy Karakuri uses his most powerful move in Ziria: the flamethrower.
Jyashinsai launches his Electric Projectile and Kabuki strikes back with the special move KazeBana.
Beware with Lucifeller: any moves and counter-attacks made by him will be massive!

Neo Geo CD version

Title Screen and Main Menu
Title screen and main menu (Japanese version).
Character Select. There are eight fighters to choose from, each one unique, with his or her own special abilities.
Beware of Tsunade -- she may be small, but she packs a lot of punch! Especially with that axe! ;)
It seems that we are evenly matched...