Kagero: Deception II

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Kagero may not be faultless, but it's heads above most games on PlayStation where it counts – innovation, addictiveness, and gameplay. Anyone looking for a refreshing and absorbing game that's definitely not run-of-the-mill will want to pick it up.
La originalidad del juego junto a la jugabilidad hacen de Kagero: Deception 2 una pequeña maravilla dentro del surtido de PlayStation. La idea que da vida al juego no había sido utilizada hasta ahora y esto en nuestros dias es dificil, pues todos los géneros están ya muy manidos. Quizás sea el jugón que ya ha probado los títulos estrella y que este buscando "otra cosa" el que más valore a este gran juego.
These lapses, however, are really just little aesthetic gripes. The game does boast multiple endings, providing high replay incentive. If you can get past the cheesy cover art (the original Japanese cover was so much cooler), Kagero provides an engrossing, addictive game that gets better as you play. If you liked the first game, you'll love this one even more. While it removes a few things that made the first so much fun, it more than makes up for it by shifting gears and streamlining. In fact, Kagero will more than likely pick up a few new recruits along the way. With a deep storyline, interesting main character, and endless variety of ways to play, Kagero: Deception 2 will snare you in its own unique trap. A great game that's a blast to play and comes highly recommended.
PlayStationGamePro (US)
Kagero's trap interface is unique and fresh, but the plodding story line takes forever to advance and usually boils down to one guy after another walking into your traps. As the missions advance and increase in difficulty, you'll just want to take a sword in hand and slash these guys to bits. Deception II is definitely worth a rental. The game's fun, but probably not a title to keep playing for very long.
PlayStationQuebec Gamers
Kagero: Deception II est un jeu solide avec beaucoup de style et un gameplay unique. Le concept des trappes est vraiment cool et bien exécuté et parfois très satisfaisant! Si le concept de placer des trappes pour éliminer les ennemis vous semble intéressant, vous trouverez beaucoup de bon dans ce jeu et c'est parfait pour occuper un weekend! En plus, il ne vous fera pas rager beaucoup car la difficulté est plutôt basse!