Kajko i Kokosz: Podstęp Kaprala Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Difficulty level
Characters introduction
Bloody Hegemon knights
Kajko starts the game
Looking for the milk
Ashamed Kajko
Looking for an egg
Hodon and Hegemon planning invasion
Kapral's builders squadron
Mirmił and Lubawa plus using the help button
Outside the village
In the forest
Flooded construction site
Into the deep forrest
Meeting at the inn
Dziad Borowy
Constructing the siege tower
Hegemon and Kapral
Kapral is fired
Propaganda poster
Kapral visits the Mirmiłowo Wielkie as a spy
Kapral is making a sabotage device
Secret plans revealed
Kapral's machine
Kapral's secret plan
Sneak out at night
Mini game - damaging the siege tower
Village is closed
Oferma checked the sedative potion
Invasion begins
Mini game - defending the walls
Invasion break down
Kapral and Oferma attacking from behind
Oferma is lifting the Kapral
Broken device
Something is not right
Back invasion break down
Mini game - pushing back the siege tower
Final threat
Dziad Borowy arriving
Final threat averted by Dziad Borowy
Calling Dziad Borowy
Jagna's tree
Jagna's closed
Mini game - looking for a flying broom fuel
Flying to the last chapter