Karateka Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title Screen
Introduction Story (in French)...
Introduction Movie represents Mariko, Akuma, his hawk, and his servant...
Castle Overview
Starting Position...
You are ready to fight...
Akuma is ordering his servant to kill you...
You are running...
Akuma's servant is running to kill you...
You have won certain fight...
Mariko is alone...Waiting for you, Karateka...
Hawk encounter...
Game Over...You are dead...

Apple II version

Title Screen
Title Screen 2
Akuma orders his henchmen to take care of you.
Your first opponent.
Kick to the head!
Castle interior means more skillful henchmen.
Captured princess Mariko is waiting for you in her cell...

Atari 7800 version

Atari logo
Title screen
The opening story
Beginning a fight

Atari 8-bit version

Title Screen
A little bit of story.
Warlord Akuma and the captive Princess
First enemy
And he's down.
More enemies arriving...

Atari ST version

Crdit-type stuff
Title screen
Setting the scene
Plot information
Game start
Sheila take a bow
Preparing for the first fight
Double hit
To the face!
Finally this bad guy goes down
The big bad guy is ordering more of his fighters after me. Somehow it is strange: all those fighters have different hats
Like in a movie, you have cuts here: the player moves, then cut and you see the enemy running towards your location
A dynamically start of the fight after the cut-scene
Mr. Red Hat is the next
Yellow Hat on the floor
And just short before the entrance to the castle...
Game Over

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Scrolling story
Opening cinematic. Akuma orders the Princess to the cell.
Opening cinematic. The Princess despairs.
But wait, a hero comes!
We will honorably bow to each other. This is the only guard that will bow back.
OK, enough honor. Let's throw down.
I kicked him.
He is defeated.
Now I'll be on my way.
Cinematic. Akuma summons his warrior.
Cinematic. And orders him to come kill me.
Here comes the warrior from the castle.
Fighting at the castle entrance.
I have made it inside the castle.
Cinematic. So Akuma orders an even tougher warrior to oppose me.
Getting attacked by Akuma's bird.
I was killed by the gate dropping on me.
The end.

DOS version

Title screen (CGA)
Mariko princess (CGA)
The story 1 (CGA)
The story 2 (CGA)
Evil Warlord Akuma and Princess Mariko (CGA)
First fight (CGA)
Opponent approaching (CGA)
Direct hit (CGA)
Opponents get better (CGA)
Oops (CGA)
Defeated enemy lie on ground, karateka runs away (CGA)
Next enemy runs to karateka (CGA)
Ups. I'm dead (CGA)
Next game - revenge is mine! Who's next? (CGA)
The end. (CGA)
Title screen (Hercules)
First fight (Hercules)
Cut scene (Hercules)

NES version

Title screen
Starting location
I beat the gate guard
The warlord sends others after me
I beat another
She awaits my rescue
A tougher guard in the castle
I was killed by the warlord's bird

Palm OS version

Intro: the castle
Intro: Akuma and the princess
Title screen (v. 1.35)
Starting out
First fight
Looks like a good hit
Enemy down
Second enemy
I was knocked out
Game over

PC-98 version

Nice broderbund Japan logo!
Title screen
The story. In English!
Go, Mariko! Be a proper damsel in distress!..
The hero arrives!..
...the hero fights!..
...the hero wins!
Same place. Same enemy sprite. Same moves. Tougher opponent. More HP. Palette swap. See what I mean?..

ZX Spectrum version

Poor girl
Nice kick
Game Over