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Windows version

Title screen
The story is quite straightforward.
After the opening crawl, we get the intro sequence …
… and see Akuma threatening poor Mariko.
The True Love climbs up the cliff, just like he did all those years ago.
Politeness is everything: the True Love bows to his first opponent (bowing is entirely optional, yet has a dedicated button).
A typical shot of the True Love facing an enemy fighter.
Mariko's flowers found scattered along the path restore your health.
Short cut-scene: Mariko watches as Akuma sends out the minibosses.
Akuma and his trusty hawk …
… whom you have to face every once in a while.
The True Love badly times his block; the mini-boss wins this round.
A correctly timed block …
… opens a window for a counter-attack …
… and eventual victory.
But sometimes the True Love fails …
… and then the Monk takes his place. He has a flashier fighting style and more hitpoints which also slowly regenerate.
Cut-scene introducing the third suitor: the Brute.
The Brute doesn't have much of a fighting style. He's just big and hits hard.
All minions dispatched, only Akuma now stands between the Brute and Mariko.