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Kate Arrow: Deserted Wood Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPad version

Title / main menu
Game start
Opening email from Grandpa
Home office / study
Garage - objects
Dark Room
Dark Room - objects
Attic - objects
Camera bag puzzle
Dresser boatman puzzle
The Native Idol
Airplane hanger
Need to repair and fuel the plane
Hanger - objects
Hanger office
Hanger office - objects
Hanger basement
Hanger basement dark room - objects
Cutscene plane repaired taking off
Airplane trouble jumping out over jungle
Parachute stuck in tree
Bridge leading to plane crash site
Bridge - objects
Crate - objects
Fire inside plane crash
Plane cockpit - objects
Untangle rope puzzle
Old hang glider
Hang glider repair
Village hut
Village hut - objects
Village gardens
Native Idol puzzle
Village water cave
Village broken boat
Village dock - objects

Windows version

Main menu
Game start
Computer screen
Kate's desktop
Grandpa's e-mail
Living room
Air conditioner
Garage shelves
Dark room
Under the sink
Attic corner
Packing the camera parts.
The classic river-crossing puzzle
Jigsaw puzzle with map pieces
Plane controls
Keypad lock
File cabinet
Assorted items
Broken vase
Safe puzzle
Darkened room
Kate hanging from the tree.
Kate trapped on the branches.
Jungle ground
Objects scattered near the bridge.
Raised bridge
Bridge mechanism
Plane wreck
Hollow log
Plane window
Inside the plane