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ZX SpectrumYour Sinclair (Jul, 1991)
It's not hard to see why this was a 'Number One Bestseller' (as the inlay card so proudly puts it). Compared to the usual collection of sluggish number lists, Kenny's snazzy graphics and icons must have been a wonderful surprise. At heart, it's a competent management game (featuring scouts, transfers, cup competitions, formation strategy, finance etc) but with a slinky presentation that makes all the difference.
Commodore 64Commodore Format (Jul, 1991)
There are loads of features, all easily accessed through the icons. You will find a wealth of depth of play if you want to scratch beneath the slick and deceptively simple surface. Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager is the kind of game you can walk away from to make a cup of tea, and come back to with a winning strategy.
AmigaThe Games Machine (UK) (May, 1989)
We've seen this sort of game many times before and there aren't any new features to excite, while match interludes are pointless. Sorry Cognito, but Tracksuit Manager still reigns supreme.
ZX SpectrumThe Games Machine (UK) (Aug, 1989)
Kenny Dalglish is the gent in question, and (for the Spectrum) many games of this type have appeared since its birth, but sad to say this one barely manages to make it out of the training camp.
Commodore 64Commodore Format (Sep, 1993)
An average footie management game.
It doesn't add anything to the genre of management games, but it's competent, and will suffice for anyone who hasn't got one already. Then again it might be worth waiting for the Liverpool game.
Atari STASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Mar, 1989)
Selbst Nicht-Fußball-Anhänger können - minimales Verständnis betriebswirtschaftlicher Abläufe vorausgesetzt - binnen 2 Stunden den Aufstieg in die 1. Liga zustande bringen. Es bleibt jedoch fraglich, ob überhaupt jemand derart lange Zeit mit einem altbackenen Versatzstück-Sammelsurium verbringen will, das sich im stetigen Anklicken schlichter Textmenüs erschöpft und dem Computer neben ein paar Piepsern und Mid-Res Grafiken kaum Erwähnenswertes entlockt. K DAGLISH SOCCER MANAGER tut wenig bis nichts, um dem Genre neue Möglichkeiten zu erschließen. Bleibt zu hoffen, daß ZEPPELIN GAMES beim nächsten Versuch nicht ganz so auf die Brieftaschen Simulations- und Football Manager-begeisterter Jugendlicher schielt!