Ken's Labyrinth Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Level selection
Difficulty selection
Ack! Flying head!
Monster mayhem
Welcome to my parlor.
I wonder what I'm supposed to do...
Shooting the bubble-gum gun.
One-armed bandits give up their coins grudgingly.
In later levels these scary holes creep around.
With enough coins, you can buy power-ups and protection from vending machines.
The object of all desire, the gold key!
Some power-ups can be found just hanging around.
A map. Totally usefulness.
Stop Sign.
Blood explosion!
robots blocks gate.
Kill a spider.
Deadly windmill
stained glass
Story screen.

Windows version

A view of monsters
Title and chapter selection
Difficulty selection
Entering the first chapter, first floor with a story
That hanging item is your first weapon
A spider
I need the gold key to enter this door