The Keys to Maramon Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Select your character.
The town
In a tavern
During the night, the town is attacked by orcs.

DOS version

Title Screen
Choose Your Character Class
Entering the Town
City Hall
Map of Maramon
The Library
Some Monsters (who will soon kill me)
Character Sheet - Experienced is gained by defeating monsters. When a character gains enough experience, the character may upgrade attributes by reading a book in the library.
Strongroom - Here the player may store items and may be used to rest when the inns are closed at night.
Inns - There are three inns in the town, where the player may rest to heal or past time for free. The innkeeper also polishes the player's active weapon to increase its quality.
Pubs - There are two pubs in the town. Here the player may get information from the local residents. Different people will visit the pubs each day.
Weapon Shop - The weapon shop provides melee and ranged weapons, as well as ammunition.
Magic Shop - Wands, orbs, if it's magical this is the place to get it.
Herb Shop - Various potions and herbs are for sale, that are used to heal or increase the attributes of the character.