Kid Niki: Radical Ninja Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

World map
First level
Kill enemy
Life lost
Happy enemies
Get over here!
Boss fight
Well done
Round 2
Attack birds
Ninjas tree
Title screen
Got a weapon upgrade in stage 2
Stage 2 boss
Stage 3 is in the mountains
All sorts of ninjas
Stage 3 boss is the witch
Stage 4 - the bats have hardly predictable patterns

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Are you a bad enough ninja to rescue the princess?
Game start, attacking a bad guy

NES version

Title Screen
Map Screen
who needs to waste time with ninja school education... I got a princess to rescue
Spinning your sword to attack an enemy
landing a blow on your enemy will send him flying backwards into the air
I wonder if these minions are related to Super Mario Bros. 2 shy guys
you can also jump and use your sword at the same time
Fighting a boss battle against Spike
the enemy faction are trained kamikazes, they will stop at nothing to get at you
now that's what I call dedication to your job
that's some powerful breath you got there
connecting a hit with my sword on Death Breath
after a hit lands your sword flies into the corner so you have to recollect it, also note Death Breath's facial features are in his inflated cheeks at the moment
Atta Boy message you get after defeating a boss
enemies waiting in the trees
dying from a firebomb
Game Over