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KiKi KaiKai

KiKi KaiKai Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Little annoying things
On bridge
Game Over

KiKi KaiKai Screenshots

MSX version

Title screen
The wall closed itself... you can't go back anymore!
Pick up the key
Shoot the creatures
Watch out for the Long necked
Can you defeat the first Scene Guard?
Defeated the Scene Guard
New enemies will appear
Another key to be picked up
And can you defeat the first Scene Guard?

KiKi KaiKai Screenshots

TurboGrafx-16 version

Title screen
Intro... The family on a journey on board a mysterious ship
Shoot the bastards or waive your flag
Miss Long Neck
The enemy boss of scene 1
Boss is defeated, heroine can go to next level
Scene 2
Strange "plates" creatures
Help! I'm drowning...
Second boss
Yep, KK is Japanese game. Definitely.
White snakes
This ball slows me
Crowd of enemies, every enemy is deadly.
Third boss
Living stones
Life lost