Killer Instinct Screenshots

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Game Boy version

Option screen
Character select
Vs screen
Low blow
Upper cut
quick round change
A 4 hit combo
A winning stance
Combo vs orchid
next fight
Jago was intercepted by Combo's Flying Knee.
Orchid is "finished" by Sabrewulf's final move.
Glacius definitively "liquidizes" the wolf-man forever!
Simultaneous "fireballs".
Now, a frozen ball is following in direction of the target.
Eyedol, the main event of the game.
Player 1 wins by time!
Title screen (in Super Game Boy).
A main menu with some colors added.
Take care: this voracious panther wants a bait urgently... Don't be the next victim of this 4-legs menace!
B. Orchid throws your Lasaken in T. J. Combo: can she damage him?
Defending an enemy sweep.
Attack violently and without mercy: that's the fight spirit in Killer Instinct!
Fulgore's double-cannon tank (a finishing move) returns in Game Boy version with the same power and impact.
For some inches, this uppercut not affects Sabrewulf... :-(
Use the PRACTICE option to improve your combo skills and exterminate all opponents quickly!

SNES version

Title screen with the different game modes
Select character and character colors
Everyone has their own reasons to compete
Riptor jumps on Spinal
Combo knocks down Thunder
Human torch Cinder burns Jago
Thunder vs. Cinder
Spinal avoids the claws of Sabrewulf
Sabrewulf about to be punished by Fulgore
Glacius with a move inspired by Terminator 2
Orchid finishes off Glacius with a reverse kick
Animality?? Orchid takes a bite out of Sabrewulf
Riptor has swallowed Combo. Such humiliation!
Practice mode allows you to learn the special moves. Here, Jago tries his flying kick on Glacius
Orchid vs. end boss Eyedol
Jago feels the Sabrewulf's power with this finishing move. Or maybe not!
This is a skulled secret stage. The tone of the colors is approved!
This other secret stage is in the sky. Your extremities are very malicious...
Victory screen, starring... B. Orchid!
Cinder gives a final judgment to Orchid.
With an advanced level of meditation, it's possible to materialize objects and use them to any purpose...
Fulgore's finishing move: morphing (partially) into a fast and strong double-cannon tank!
Other Fulgore's finishing move: a powerful laser gust shooted from its eyes!
Orchid applies a good sweep in Riptor.
What will be that he saw? Hummm... ;-D
Somebody is trying minimize the damage caused by energy projectiles, right?
The enemy will have few possibilities to attack when Eyedol's triple fireball are used constantly.
Sabrewulf's move, named "Sabreslap".
This is Jago's finishing move in one of its last frames: a perfect sword perforation!
The time decided: Chief Thunder is the winner!
Combo lands a head-butt on Riptor
Orchid finishes his brother Jago with her crazy eyes move

Official Screenshots

  • Killer Instinct Screenshot
    Official Nintendo Website, December 1996
  • Killer Instinct Screenshot
    Official Nintendo Website, December 1996
  • Killer Instinct Screenshot
    Official Nintendo Website, December 1996
  • Killer Instinct Screenshot
    Official Nintendo Website, December 1996