Killer7 Screenshots

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GameCube version

Out for a midnight stroll. Garcian's debut.
A Texan Farmer talks about the emergence of Ulmeyda's city in one of the game's animated cutscenes.
Iwazaru gives his opinion on just about everything. His sense of style is impeccable.
An unorthodox/orthodox statement.
Collecting yellow blood from a recently dispatched Ulmeyda smile.
Camelia Smiles are traitors... this one jibbers, thinking itself alone in the room.
Kaede makes a gruesome discovery.
Mask de Smith observes his handiwork: a fallen Giant Smile prepares to disintegrate.
The time ring will solve this, by running time back to before the dresser was smashed.
The fallen angel offers Dan a gun and a soul shell.
A very out of place...
... little speech.
She can only be seen in light.. and seems to have a machine gun.
Travis looks at Dan, who has just blasted into his little retreat.
Curtis Blackburn, the showdown.
Samantha abuses Harman.
Welcome to the Dominican Republic.
Getting Smiles out of a church.
Sniping; a breeder in the background.
Smiles will make do without a leg...
A remnant of a dead murderer.
A very fast smile stopped by very fast pistols.
A Mother Smile on her way to avenge her children.
Lovely day, no?
A painting...
Turns out to be a clue, once we demolish this wall.
Travel screen.
And how!
The figure in the back indicates an important item is near by.
You've got mail.
Kevin is an old-school kind of guy.
Travis just can't get a break.
Aww, how sweet!
... :(
And you think YOUR morning commute is bad?
KaBOOM! Tasty... Dan's fully charged shot.
Iwazaru's first words to you. A helpful chap.
You'd think these people would encrypt their pigeons, or at least put up a firewall.
The artsiest headshot you'll ever see.
What did they put in Harman's strained peas?
The UN is hit by a terrorist attack... and it was thought that all terrorism had been eradicated, but a new group "The Heaven Smiles" brings a new twist to the old formula.
Garcian heads to a Japanese restaurant...
Susie doesn't have a body, but has a number of useful rings that are used throughout the game, so you'll have to find her.
A Bomb Head Smile... only shoot it while the flaps are open, otherwise it will explode. Not too dangerous if it far away, but if one sneaks up on you...
Samatha in her street clothes.
An assassination has taken place here.
The infamous "full-on" sex scene.
Welcome to the local High School.
A remnant psyche is glad you're all right.
A diffuse hall.
Things get wonkier the higher Garcian goes.

PlayStation 2 version

Title screen / Main menu.
Each mission begins with such stylish screens
Each chapter usually starts with a lengthy cutscene
Cutscene-gameplay integration is pretty smooth. Here, you are already controlling Garcian
You don't have much freedom of movement - the game is a bit "on rails". Here is a typical place with a few choices
This menu allows you to view and switch all your characters
Most of the game's enemies are nearly invisible - you'll have to make a quick scan to see them properly. Dan here tries to aim
The game features many conversations with weird characters. This is one of the recurrent ones
Maps of mission areas are provided
Kaede, the only female protagonist - and a rather scary one - in a parking lot
Kaede uses a sniper scope - very handy! I'm about to shoot this guy...
Even the saving-loading screen is stylishly made!
Most missions begin in Garcian's house. Harman and Samantha are usually present. If you don't do anything for a while, Garcian will arrange his clothes
Behold Mask de Smith infiltrating a Japanese mansion!
Fire and massacre with Mask's double-wielded guns!
Garcian is entering Ulmeyda City
Crazy running enemies on the streets of Ulmeyda City. Coyote here is aiming, Wild West-fashion
Each character can level up in a RPG-like fashion and develop special abilities, some of which are very handy
Con Smith enters an amusement park
Battle in the arcades!
Cool effect following a critical hit on the enemy!
Dan Smith in the stylishly white Dominican Republic
These two mysterious characters appear in an even more mysterious scene
Looks like I didn't hit him hard enough...
Don't let the enemies come so close! This purple dude is about to inflict some damage on me
One of the later missions in the game is also the biggest one. Garcian is aiming at a yellow enemy ahead
Weirdly fascinating hotel floor covered by flowers
Bullseye! They go all read when I hit the right critical spot. And I get blood serum, which allows me to develop my characters
There are some puzzles in the game. Figure it out on your own!
Menacing guys attack in a hallway
Garcian changes clothes one time during the game
They go white - which means I didn't hit the weakpoint