Killing Spree Screenshots (Atari ST)

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Atari ST version

Title logo (intro) which is rotating and zooming in.
Impressive huge star field
The game begins in front of an energy barrier protected by a flying saucer. Shoot tower tops to deactivate the field
The landscape is based on a fractal, displayed with polygons, but also zooming sprites are used, i.e. the trees
A flying thing is attacking. That silver item on the floor soon starts to create a fire fountain which is better avoided
Note the radar in the lower right corner, warning for enemies or obstacles
The grey wall in the front is moving up and down. I better speed up now, but not too fast to avoid the fire fountains
Good timing! And that shot also is passing
A big saucer dividing into many smaller ones. And some graphical glitches on the bottom...
Editor main menu
Editor: created a fractal landscape, and placing some spots in the 2D view