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A pretty pointless game, but if you have an hour to kill... Windows kbmb (435)

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In the end this isn’t your average run and gun; its strategy with a lot of action. Thinking about your next move is the key to this game. With its offensive cover system and non stop action gameplay this is on my all time favorite list.
90 (Mar 31, 2004)
Levels consist of the player running around from cover to cover, diving to and fro in the best Starsky and Hutch style and gunning down hordes of well armed troops. Who could want more? The game play is truly quite fun, in fact. It's easy and arcade-like, and most importantly the controls work extremely well, meaning that after only a bit of practice you can dive from crate to barrel without attracting any hits. The game is, of course, not without flaws - the aforementioned graphics do belong on the Playstation 2, not on a high-end PC, but really it's a minor niggle once you get into the game. There's also not that many levels, and like many a shooter these days, kill.switch really could (and was) breezed through first time in just over a day.
PlayStation 2Worth Playing (Nov 21, 2003)
War is started by poor relations, misconceptions, and power hungry organizations. While we cannot stop war, we can try our best to delay the inevitable by using special agents or special units. We may not know it, but spy factions are extremely vital to a mission's success, without which we can never truly succeed in war. They give necessary tactical information and even pull a hit when ordered to. So how would an army equipped with an incredibly strong computer system fare? You'll find out in Kill.Switch.
XboxNext Level Gaming (Oct 31, 2003)
Soldier, this is all we have for now on the game. From here out it's up to you to make it through alive, and figure out what your purpose is, and maybe even who you are. I have been pretty hooked on kill.switch. Namco above all else knows one thing, and that is how to make a fun game. This one is going to be no different. My only complaint is that I have beaten it, and now I'm done. It was a bit short for me.
XboxGameZone (Oct 28, 2003)
This game sparkles because of the OCS and animations, otherwise it is a straightforward shooter that sets up with some pretty simple and standard missions. However, this is a game that challenges not only the reflexes but the mind as well. You are tasked to make decisions and employ some tactical battle plans into the mix of eliminating the onslaught of foes the game throws at you.
PlayStation 2Game Over Online (Jan 28, 2004)
I'm left somewhat torn on kill.switch. On the one hand, it's a fast-paced, well-designed, moderately challenging third-person shooter, and it's not like it's possible to have too many of those. I'm not actually going to send Namco e-mail saying, "Excuse me, but I've already had enough fun this month shooting terrorists. I'm over quota. You'll have to take this one back."
PlayStation 2Next Level Gaming (Oct 31, 2003)
Your name, unknown......Your age, unknown......Your hometown, unknown.......Your mission, top secret......Operation: kill.switch So far, that is all you know about what lies ahead of you, soldier. And that is all Namco wishes you to know about your mission right now. But we do know this: you are one bad ass soldier, and with all the training we've given you we know you can come out of this situation alive. Welcome to your new battlefield. kill.switch is an new style of military shooter that emphasizes realistic cover tactics and awesome firepower for the ultimate experience in combat gaming. Featuring a gameplay feature called the Offensive Cover System, and utilizing the Blindfire combat mechanic, kill.switch demands the use of conventional warfare tactics, forcing players to utilize surrounding environments, and quickly adjust on-the-fly through each intense and challenging mission. Listen up soldier! This review could save your life!
PlayStation 2games xtreme (Mar 03, 2004)
If I had to evaluate its lifespan I feel Kill.Switch has become for me a casual game, I can pick it up for half an hour when there’s nothing on TV or while I’m cooking and just come back to it, there’s not a desperate urge to play it through to completion but there isn’t a frustrating difficult level that makes me storm off angrily. I’ll be honest, I really like Kill.Switch it's an entertaining non-committal game, I can pick it up and put it down for five minutes at a time, it's a joy to play, but I feel if I tried to do it all in one go, it may bore me after a while, this is possibly its only downfall, if you’re after Metal Gear 3, this may get old quickly. So be warned!
PlayStation (Nov 11, 2003)
The concept for the game was very good and if Namco took their time developing the game rather than just completing it in a single year then the game would have been a whole lot better. The story is interesting although it takes a while for the player to know what is going on since no background info has been given from the start. Kill.switch is enjoyable the first time through, but leaves you wanting more than what you just experienced.
PlayStation 2Gamesdog (Feb 23, 2004)
This is complemented with quite striking graphics and great sound. I’d almost go so far as to say that the graphics were some of the most pleasing I’d seen in a long time. As if in some feat of greatness the AI has quite a bit of I. Ok, there is still a bit of numbskull-ness going on here, but the enemy does seem fairly aware and will duck behind cover and take pot shots when you least expect it. The enemy is no pushover either, a welcome relief from some all-too-easy combat games out there. In Kill.Switch you should take it slow, think about it, and then destroy.
80 (Nov 11, 2003)
The concept for the game was very good and if Namco took their time developing the game rather than just completing it in a single year then the game would have been a whole lot better. The story is interesting although it takes a while for the player to know what is going on since no background info has been given from the start. Kill.switch is enjoyable the first time through, but leaves you wanting more than what you just experienced.
WindowsTotalVideoGames (TVG) (Aug 05, 2004)
I admire games like Kill Switch. Although clearly a budget game, it is packed to the gills with quality, features and, more importantly, style. Obviously it won't be competing with the big boys but it provides a hugely enjoyable experience for such a healthy, wallet-friendly fee. Publishers Namco are to be commended for such a noble aim. Ignore your preconceptions; this is a damn good game, a glistening chunk of raw gaming action. Buy it!!
80 (Nov 11, 2003)
The concept for the game was very good and if Namco took their time developing the game rather than just completing it in a single year then the game would have been a whole lot better. The story is interesting although it takes a while for the player to know what is going on since no background info has been given from the start. Kill.switch is enjoyable the first time through, but leaves you wanting more than what you just experienced.
WindowsWorth Playing (May 18, 2004)
Kill.Switch is a good game worthy of a sequel to build off of the concept of run-for-cover game play. Not too many shooters promote this sort of tactical thinking. I would hope that the Ghost Recon 2 development team takes a good long look at what Namco has going here because these game play features are what every tactical shooter should incorporate. There are a lot of rough edges that were not ironed out in the porting process, but due to this title’s relative low level of notoriety that is to be expected. I dare say that this game might even play better with a mouse keyboard than a control pad. If one is to look past these cosmetic flaws and see the core game play then one can have a lot of fun with this game. I hope Namco keeps up with this one and continues to refine it into a high profile franchise as this game does what most don’t: bring something new to the table.
XboxGamePro (US) (Oct 28, 2003)
Smart A.I. keeps the game compelling. Foes provide cover fire for one another, fan out and lob grenades to flush you out of hiding spots, and eventually begin using your blindfire and offensive cover techniques. This game can be nail-bitingly suspenseful as you have no radar or warning system of any sort, and never know when or from where enemies pop out and peg you in the head.
XboxIGN (Oct 27, 2003)
There's a lot to like about kill.switch. As it's one of those types of experiences that's easy to pick-up, difficult in all the right places, and oozes Hollywood atmosphere without sacrificing too many gameplay convictions. While we can't say that we approve of its particularly short-sided length and occasional camera problems, it's still one hell of a fun ride while it lasts; especially if for fans of military excursions like Freedom Fighters and Conflict: Desert Storm.
PlayStation 2Gameplanet (Mar 16, 2004)
A PS2 EXCLUSIVE IN PAL territories, Kill.Switch has made its mark overseas on Xbox and a PC version has also been created by Bitmap Brothers for imminent release.
PlayStation 2GameZone (Nov 03, 2003)
If you're going to start a war, you'd better be prepared to take cover. You should also be ready to take aim and take out the enemy. When you're done doing that you might as well take over the place. That's the premise of kill.switch – take cover, take aim, take over. And that's just how the game plays, in a clever, exciting way.
PlayStation 2IGN (Oct 27, 2003)
It's a pretty refreshing experience to stumble upon a game with little-to-no fanfare only to discover that it's more fun than you originally bargained for. Of course during our busiest of seasons, it's not really that unique of an occurrence, but it doesn't take away from the fact that we get an oh-so pleasant feeling each and every time that it happens. Such is the case with Namco's intense military shooter kill.switch; a futuristic polar opposite of popular titles like Splinter Cell and Metal Gear Solid.
WindowsIGN (Apr 15, 2004)
Ideally, the game may not have enough to warrant becoming a must-purchase title for gamers searching for long-term satisfaction. But for those of us looking for something a little less cookie-cutter in the shooting genre with a couple of hours to spare, then kill.switch is definitely attractive. And while the PC version isn't quite as reponsive as its console counterparts, it still warrants a look.
WindowsPC Action (Apr 19, 2004)
Ich bin verliebt. In Kill.Switch. Das Spiel bringt meine Spielautomaten-Träume Cabal und Nam 1975 in die dritte Dimension. Dabei ist es an sich nichts Besonderes und ich kann auch verstehen, wenn es manchen Spielern zu simpel erscheint. Doch falls Sie unkomplizierte Actionspiele mögen, greifen Sie zu! Unbedingt!
PlayStation 2Gaming Target (Dec 18, 2003)
There was a time in history when wars consisted of two sides on two lines, standing right in front of each other with every one man armed with a rifle. How stupid were they? Since then, the way wars were done and the way people shot at each other have changed. People learned to take cover by hiding behind objects once the battle royal began, or in an assassin's case not even giving their enemy the slightest chance to sight their position. Gangsters, like today's gangsters, in urban warfare would even hold a handgun sideways just to look cool.
XboxXBox Solution (XBS) (Nov 12, 2003)
Though not the most visually appealing game, the action and tactics is what makes this game most impressive, succeeding in the tactical shooter business where others such as Rogue Ops horribly failed. The lack of replay value and the basic textures are what hold kill.switch back from achieving a higher score, though it should be noted the game play is solid and the controls are fluid.
XboxGame Informer Magazine (Dec, 2003)
This entire game thrives off of a gameplay gimmick. Rather than going toe to toe with an enemy or sneaking up behind them and slitting their throat, Namco suggests that you find an object to hide behind and dispatch any hostiles by either blindly firing or peeking your head out and taking quick shots. Naturally, your accuracy increases when you expose your head, but so do the chances of an enemy planting one right between your eyes. It’s a wonderful play mechanic that leads to some amazing firefights and action sequences.
PlayStation (Feb 12, 2004)
Kill.switch spielt sich wie ein typischer amerikanischer Actionstreifen - fesselnd, gewaltreich und manchmal unfreiwillig komisch. Doch sobald der Abspann läuft, fällt auf: Irgend etwas fehlt! Ganz klar: Der Tiefgang. Trotz einiger netter Ideen und der passablen Technik fehlt es Namcos Shooter an Abwechslung. Letztlich ist es der debilen KI zu verdanken, dass man auch in späteren Levels stets mit der gleichen Taktik zum Ziel kommt. Ducken, töten und weiter zur nächsten Deckung. Und dann wundert es nicht, dass kill.switch mit einer Nettospielzeit von sechs bis acht Stunden zu kurz geraten ist. Trotzdem wird der für diesen zugegebenermaßen recht kurzen Zeitraum ordentlich unterhalten. Wer also auf effektvolles Popcorn-Gaming steht, darf durchaus einen vorsichtigen Blick riskieren.
XboxGame Freaks 365 (2003)
In total, there are six war-themed missions in over 18 levels. Environments include an oil rig, deserted Middle Eastern city, biology lab, submarine pen, missile silo, ancient ruins, and more. To close my review, kill.switch is well worth a weekend rental and possibly a purchase, if you are the type of person that will play games multiple times. However, if you only play through a game once, rent this, since it can be beaten in about three to four hours.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Apr, 2004)
Een degelijke consoleport van een doorsnee steath/action game die echter wel uitblinkt in z'n knappe vuurgevechten en vijandelijke AI.
WindowsComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Mar 15, 2004)
There are no vehicles to drive, no squads to fight alongside, the locales and the arsenal of weapons are over-familiar, and the game itself is over in a matter of hours. But in spite of all this, kill.switch possesses an addictive quality married with a tight, focused design. It keeps you fitfully engaged despite the imposed limitations of the console for which it was originally commissioned - but it could have been so much more. With a decent selection of multiplayer options it could have countered Counter-Strike (geddit?), and with squads of allies it would certainly stack up to Ghost Recon.
PlayStation (Mar 15, 2004)
Do you like loads of action, big shoot-outs and more weaponry than the terrorists can handle? Then put on your army suit and get ready for Kill.switch. Do you prefer balanced gameplay and an interesting story, then you might as well forget this game. The best aspects of the game concerns the shoot-outs, and this could turn out to be quite boring.
PlayStation (Feb 20, 2004)
NAMCO's kill.switch ist kein Ego-Shooter wie "Timesplitters" oder gar ein Taktik-Shooter wie "SOCOM" sondern eigentlich ein Actionspiel in Arcade-Manier wo es hin und wieder nicht schaden kann doch in Deckung zu gehen. In 18 relativ kurzen Leveln schiesst sich der Spieler in Third-Person Manier durch zahlreiche Gegnerhorden. Klingt zwar ansich recht gut, aber leider haben die Entwickler das gute Potential eines spannenden Actiontitels durch etliche Schnitzer nicht nutzen können. Das beginnt bei der nur mäßigen Optik, der sehr kurzen Spielzeit und endet bei einem unzureichenden Speichersystem und weiteren kleinen Patzern.
It may not be groundbreaking, or even terribly original, but kill.switch sports a beautiful combat system that proper tacticians will feel right at home with. It’s just difficult to wholeheartedly recommend a title that has a mere five or six hours of game time, and no real incentive to play through again. Most will simply view this as a weekend rental, which is a shame considering the strength of the offensive cover system and the sheer fun that can be had in those few hours.
WindowsPC Zone Benelux (May, 2004)
In de volle pc-shootermarkt is kill.switch een leuk tussendoortje, maar niet meer dan dat. Het verhaal is niet heel boeiend, de gameplay is lekker arcade maar zich continu herhalend. Gezien de aantallen bad guys die je afmaakt moet je deze shooter niet al te serieus nemen en zo hoort het ook. Helaas blijven de graphics achter bij de standaard die op dit moment wordt gezet. Aardig om te zien dat de uitgever van deze game ook weet dat deze shooter niet kan opboksen tegen het hedendaagse shootergeweld, gezien de budgetprijs die eraan is opgehangen.
PlayStation (UK) (Feb 19, 2004)
Kill.switch is an extremely simple game to describe, so I was surprised to pick it up earlier this week without really knowing anything about it at all. Apart from the issue of Sony doing a deal with Namco for its European console exclusivity (which you can read about elsewhere), all I had to go on was a vague recollection about some revolutionary gunfight gimmick which lets you shoot round corners without looking. Well, never fear, because after a couple of days' research I've discovered what else you can do in Kill.switch. You can shoot round corners while looking.
PlayStation (Mar 09, 2004)
Auch wenn sich das deckungsfreudige Spielprinzip anfangs angenehm vom üblichen Military-Shooter-Einerlei abhebt, geht ihm aufgrund mangelnder Abwechslung und Spieltiefe schon bald die Luft aus. Das Missionsdesign ist linear und einfallslos, euer Equipment geradezu minimalistisch und die Story führt nur ein kümmerliches Schattendasein. Zudem sind Präsentation und Technik alles andere als zeitgemäß, die eigentliche Kampagne viel zu kurz und der Schwierigkeitsgrad teils frustrierend hoch. Trotzdem sollten Shooter-Fans nicht gleich die Flinte ins Korn werfen, denn das facettenreiche Spiel mit der Deckung wirkt frisch und unverbraucht und die sehr offensiv ausgerichteten Gegner sind immer wieder für Überraschungen gut. Einzelkämpfer, die eine leicht spielbare und zugleich fordernde Kreuzung aus Metal Gear Solid und Time Crisis suchen, könnten an kill.switch also durchaus Gefallen finden - wenn auch nicht allzu lange.
XboxGameSpot (Oct 28, 2003)
In the end, you can't help but get the feeling that kill.switch is half a game. The mechanics for ducking and getting behind cover are well done, and all the aiming interfaces and other activities work great. Unfortunately, the game surrounding these mechanics is generic and short, at times feeling more like a demo than a finished retail product. While one could easily imagine a great sequel that uses these mechanics and has corrected the game's inherent problems, what Namco has delivered here is really only worth a rental.
PlayStation 2GameSpot (Oct 28, 2003)
At first glance, Namco's kill.switch looks like a pretty standard third-person military-themed shooter. It has a look to it that recalls both Konami's Metal Gear Solid and Ubisoft's Splinter Cell, though it focuses more on shooting enemy soldiers in the face than on deep storylines and complicated stealthy maneuvers. However, this otherwise ordinary-to-a-fault action game is given a shot in the arm by its relatively cool gameplay techniques, which--at least--make the game's short ride interesting.
XboxNetjak (Dec 15, 2003)
Though each of Kill.Switch’s missions has different objectives, such as eliminating a target or planting explosives, they are all accomplished the exact same way. Every level consists of killing the dozens of enemies that stand between you and your objective. The sad truth is that after playing the first level, you’ve already seen everything that the game has to offer. The game’s unique take on the typical shooter is interesting and well executed, but it isn’t enough to justify Kill.Switch’s decidedly one-dimensional gameplay.
PlayStation (Feb 11, 2004)
Pétri de bonnes alternatives à la relative morosité du paysage vidéoludique dans le domaine auquel il appartient, Kill.switch enraye son arme de poing, perdant soudainement l'ascendant psychologique. Une somme de tourments incompréhensibles minent considérablement, non le plaisir de jeu, mais simplement la qualité intrinsèque. Un faux pas dans une route bardée de points de vue flatteurs que ce soft n'atteindra malheureusement pas. Espérons pour une plausible suite que les concepteurs auront pris conscience des tares de leur produit, afin de proposer un gameplay toujours aussi intéressant, mais en n'omettant pas cette fois-ci les aspects artistique et scénaristique. La traduction devrait aussi subir une épuration, car les textes ne correspondent que rarement aux paroles. Troublant. Un coup d'essai moyen, loin d'être médiocre.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Apr 06, 2004)
Einzelheiten zu der wirren Hintergrundstory ersparen wir Ihnen besser. Nehmen Sie die Dinge einfach so, wie sie sind: Als Elitesoldat Nick Bishop müssen Sie sich mit modernstem Kriegsgerät durch 18 Levels metzeln und alles umpusten, was Ihnen in die Quere kommt. Denn in Einsatzgebieten wie Nordkorea oder Südamerika schlagen Ihnen anstelle von Gastfreundschaft allerlei explosive Geschosse entgegen. Mit einem Klick auf die rechte Maustaste verschanzen Sie sich hinter einer Mauer, während Sie mit Ihrem Fadenkreuz die überall umherwuselnden Gegner anvisieren.
WindowsJoystick (French) (Apr, 2004)
Kill Switch est un de ces jeux qui manquent cruellement de grosses qualités pour en faire un titre mémorable, mais qui réussit à accrocher le joueur dès les premiers niveaux pour lui faire traverser l'histoire d'une traite. Quel dommage qu'en arrivant à la fin du jeu on ait l'impression d'avoir juste fini le premier niveau. On peut avoir la suite ?
PlayStation 2Digital Press - Classic Video Games (Apr 22, 2007)
What Kill.Switch does though, it does right. It is a basic concept. However, it is one intense enough to create a decent gameplay experience around it. Action fans will need an adjustment period before they're convinced. After that, they'll stay awhile for superbly designed set pieces.
60 (Sep 08, 2004)
Kill.switch n'est pas un mauvais jeu, mais sa courte durée de vie, sa réalisation en demi teinte et son scénario minimaliste le privent d'une note plus élevée. C'est d'autant plus dommage que le gameplay se révèle simple et agréable et fait preuve de bonnes idées en comprenant la possibilité de tirer à l'aveugle en restant à couvert. Espérons que si une suite voit le jour, celle-ci corrige ces défauts et on serait alors en présence d'un titre qui pourrait vraiment rivaliser avec les grands noms du genre Metal Gear Solid et Splinter Cell pour ne pas les citer.
WindowsGameSpot (Mar 31, 2004)
In the end, you can't help but get the feeling that kill.switch is half a game. The mechanics for ducking and getting behind cover are well done, and the premise is a good one. Unfortunately, that's all kill.switch really has going for it. The game surrounding these mechanics is generic and short, at times feeling more like a demo than a finished retail product. While one could easily imagine a great sequel that uses these mechanics and has corrected the game's inherent problems, what Hip Games has delivered here probably isn't worth your while.
XboxGameSpy (Oct 30, 2003)
Make no mistake -- in many ways kill.switch is a single-minded, no frills game. There's no multiplayer, no online play, and only a couple of difficulty modes. But it does its work extremely well, and it's safe to say you won't play a similar game this year. Some of the best arcade shooters succeeded with great action instead of depth, and kill.switch is fun and addictive enough to hurdle over its limitations to become a worthy investment.
PlayStation 2GamesRadar (Feb 10, 2004)
For once, it's a game that can be excused its blocky, similar environments. However, with huge gun lust driving the show, it's a shame that there's very little damage and destruction dealt out to the objects in the levels. When the coast has cleared, it's still a commendably brazen and unfussy shooter, featuring one continuous dialogue of throwaway gunfire and nothing else.
PlayStation 2GameSpy (Oct 30, 2003)
I don't know what happened, but straightforward games are about as easy to find these days as Michael Jackson's original cheekbones. So what's the answer when all you want is a nice, unpretentious shooter, but you don't want to feel like a gaming simpleton? Namco is happy to step up with kill.switch, a third-person shooter that finesses what could have been a gimmick into some tense, action-packed gameplay.
WindowsGameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands) (Apr 28, 2004)
Kill Switch maakt geen indruk. Het is duidelijk dat Namco wilt profiteren van het succes van andere games in het genre. Kill Switch is een slechte kloon van een topgame als Splinter Cell, spendeer je zuurverdiende geld dus beter aan iets anders.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Apr, 2004)
Das ist wörtlich gemeint: In Kill.Switch steuern Sie einen Soldaten. Die Figur, die Sie da aus der Außenperspektive sehen, hängt an einer Art neuronalen Fernsteuerung. Er und sein anonymer Herr kämpfen sich durch 18 Einsätze im Mittleren Osten, am Kaspischen Meer und in Nord-Korea. Dabei ist vor allem Ballern angesagt. Zwar tut das Programm so, als würden Sie Generäle suchen oder Bomben legen - aber letzlich putzen Sie in linearen Levels Gegner weg.
PlayStation 2Super Play (Sweden) (Mar, 2004)
För trots att programmeringen av Kill.switch är relativt problemfri är grundidén så usel att ingenting kan rädda spelet från de realådor där det oundvikligen kommer att hamna cirka, oooh, 15 minuter efter att det släppts.
WindowsGameSpy (May 25, 2004)
It's true that kill.switch's brand of armed combat requires more brains than most shooters. However, while its firefights can occasionally be dramatic and thrilling, there's not enough here to justify putting it on par with even an average PC shooter. There's no purpose behind the firefights, and the plot gives up info more slowly than the Bush administration. I'd lost interest before I reached the second level, and odds are you will too. It's been a great year for PC shooters -- but this isn't one of them. You can do much, much better than kill.switch.
WindowsYiya (Sep 13, 2005)
Grafik ist nicht alles und nach dem schwachen Auftakt im mittleren Osten wäre es ja auch eine Optik gewesen, womit man Spaß haben könnte. Nur leider stimmt auch der Rest nicht. Story ist weder vorhanden noch wird sie präsentiert, die KI glänzt durch Abwesenheit und Fehler und fällt ansonsten nur dadurch auf, dass einer von 50ig Gegner den Spieler in einer Sekunde zum Neustart des Abschnitts zwingt. Ansonsten rennt man eher durch und verschnauft hinter der Deckung bis die Gesundheit wieder aufgestiegen ist. Die Deckungsfunktion bringt nicht viel, weil man durch kurzes Aufstehen und einen präzisen Schuss sehr viel mehr erreicht. Massen an Gegnern in den fünf kurzen, linearen Missionen machen das Game insgesamt dann auch nicht besser.