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DOS version

Episode selection
Space, the final frontier...
Sound / graphics configuration
Loading game...
Title screen or company splash screen? You make the call.
I know I'm getting excited!
I got the wingmen! This should make my job a lot easier
High score table
Board editor (place which kinds of enemies, where)
Episode 3 : The load screen
Episode 3 : The game menu
Episode 3 : the plot line. It seems all the mayhem & destruction thus far have not been enough and more dastardly aliens must be vapourised
Episode 3 : This is level 1. It takes 2 hits or one bomb to kill an enemy space ship.
Episode 3 : I'm not doing too well here, two ships gone and I'm only on level 2
Episode 3 : It looks much easier in demo mode. Here the payer has full shields and is making it count
Episode 3 : A peek at level 8