The King of Fighters 2001 Screenshots

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Arcade version

Title screen
Player select
Xiangfei vs Angel
Lin vs Whip
Death from above!
May Lee has trouble
May Lee vs Goro Daimon
Finishig kick
Kula vs Takuma
Ice cube
Throw Leona on the floor
Energy move
In the air
Fight lost
On the ground
"Loading" screen
Battle in Korea
High kick
So much dust...
Energy wave
Kick in knee
Surprised Maxima
Bao - Small but strong
Winner's speech
Attack on head
Old master Chin
Brutal throw
K9999 kick in Shingo's feet
Fencing in street fighting. Yeah! :D
Leona vs Athena

Neo Geo version

Title screen.
Main menu.
The old-skool "How To Play" screen: learn some basic commands plus a new Ratio-like Mode!
Character selection.
Setting the battle order.
Through her Senkai Kyaku move, Yuri Sakazaki marks her first 2 damaging hits over Benimaru Nikaido!
Practice Mode session with Heidern executing accurately his Killing Bringer against Robert Garcia.
Ralf Jones executes the Emergency Evade command and gets to avoid Joe Higashi's Slash Kick move.
Choi Bounge tried... and accurately struck Li Xiangfei through his slash-kickin' move Hien Zan!
Li Xiangfei using her head-stomping move Senri Chuu'ou: Shinsaiha against Clark Steel.
Taking advantage of the luck, Terry Bogard connects successfully a Body Blow Attack in Chang Koehan!
Switched to Hero Mode, May Lee uses her move "May Lee Cho~p!" against Sie Kensou... with success?
Hinako Shijou's Tsuki Otoshi and Kim Kaphwan's Haki Kyaku are executed simultaneously: no damage...
Leona Heidern tries to crouch-block Kyo Kusanagi's 100 Shiki: Oniyaki, but it won't be necessary...
Chang calls Kim Kaphwan to help in the combat, but he's stopped by Benimaru's Taikuu Raijin Ken.
Mai Shiranui executes her air-knee move Ukihane at the same time that Vanessa only taunts her.
Clark meets Seth's guard totally open and decides to attack using his launching move Gatling Attack.
Takuma Sakazaki lost the chance to attack K' : as "punishment", is flamed by his Crow Bites move...
Kyo Kusanagi runs to attack Maxima, but he's suddenly hit-stopped by a M4 Kata Vapour Cannon...
Demonstration Match crucial-grabbing moment: Clark Steel smashes Lin with his DM Running Three!
Victory screen.
Athena Asamiya's SDM Psychic 9 first ending: dressed as a single student (Sailor Finish).
Athena Asamiya's SDM Psychic 9 second ending: her old-skool armor costume (Fire Sword Finish).
Athena Asamiya's SDM Psychic 9 third and last ending: only using underwears (Psycho Sword Finish).
The current 4 hits from K9999's DM "Temee mo oucchimae!" are causing a non-stop damage in Chang!
After some time, Terry Bogard escapes (damaged, of course!) from Kula's closing move Ice Coffin...
After have beaten Kula, Lin does one of his victory poses (some Hizoku Clan members can be seen).
With her move Hero Uke, May Lee (Hero Mode) is ready to guard-parry Robert's Haou Shoukou Ken: OK...
During few instants, Kyo Kusanagi's DM Ura 108 Shiki: Orochi Nagi meets Yuri Sakazaki's Ko'ou Ken...
Joe attacks Bao and Takuma "Mr. Karate" Sakazaki with the 2 initial hits of his DM Screw Upper.
While Foxy attacks Chin Gentsai using a sword-swinging move, Ralf Jones only executes his taunt.
Mai Shiranui (with some assistance provided by Xiangfei) burn-smashes Ryo with her DM Hou'ou no Mai.
Game paused when King uses and finishes successfully her DM Surprise Rose against Foxy.
Takuma uses his Body Blow Attack in Kula, but he fails: then the solution was Terry's Power Geyser!
Assisted by Mai Shiranui's flaming fans, Goro Daimon tries to attack May Lee, that calls for help...
Choi's DM Shin! Chouzetsu Tatsumaki Shinkuu Zan and Robert's Ryuu Zanshou teamed-up against Andy...
Benimaru grabs Ramon through his Electrigger striker move: it's time to body-blow attack, Yuri!
Shingo Yabuki didn't wait for this: be struck by Heidern's Moon Slasher (assisted by Joe Higashi)!
K' and Maxima being struck by Grugan's claw-diving attack and Original Zero's Zanpuu Enpa: Satsuma.
In an attempt to avoid Igniz's DM Chaos Tide, Chang Koehan executes the Emergency Evade command...

PlayStation 2 version

Title screen.
Menu screen.
Character selection.
Setting the battle order.
Choosing a stage (Practice and Team/Single Versus Modes only).