The King of Fighters 2003 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Team selection.
First Match.
Good start.
Flying punch.
Hit you low.
Throwing some magic.
Good kick.
Hitting back.
Low punch.
High kick.
Punching back.
Hit her.
Hitting you with her whip.
Big ball.
Elbow to the head.
Hitting low with the ball.
Fighting back.
Kick to take her out.
Ready to attack.
Flying punch.
Jumped his punch.
Using fire.
High kick.
Hitting you in the air.
Special move in the air.
Which move?
Using a special move.
Got him.
Trying to kick.
Diving punch.
More taunting.

Neo Geo version

Title screen.
Main menu, now in a dark background.
The famous (and now short) "How To Play" screen, showing some gameplay changes.
The cast of characters have changed too, with newcomers and fighters from other SNK games.
In this screen, use A, B and C Buttons to choose the battle order.
Intro 1
Intro 2
Intro 3
Kyo's DM 182 Shiki is back and Mai was the victim of its power now!
Iori VS. K'
Kim VS. Kusanagi
Iori VS. Daimon 1
Iori VS. Daimon 2
Iori VS. Daimon 3
Robert VS. Daimon
Kyo VS. Jhun
Gato VS. Ash
Robert VS. Ryo
K' VS. Tizoc
Iori VS. Duo Lon Pre-Battle Intro
Kim VS. Kusanagi Pre-Battle Intro
Terry VS. Tizoc 1
Kim VS. Yuri
Iori VS. Benimaru
Iori VS. Duo Lon
Terry VS. Tizoc 2
While Kyo does his LSDM against Adelheid, Rose plays a symphonic music in her piano.
Kyo feels Mukai's big strength and is petrified.
Athena's LSDM redesigned finish: Healing Athena.
Athena's LSDM new finish: Chu - Psycho Bomber.

PlayStation 2 version

Title screen.
Menu screen.
Character selection.
Setting the battle order.