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Arcade version

Title screen
Kasumi in air
Mature's blood slap
Mai assaults Mature
...and throws fan to Iori
Yuri's failed uppercut
Vice and her finishing kick
Leona kicks Clark in cojones
Bloody wrestling
Time to hug!
Chang uses chain to choke rivals
Fight or dance?
Athena lost - Leona's energy ball is great defence weapon
Terry on ground
Leg grab
Kasumi's energy shot to Vide
Terry's flame from fist
Andy wins, throw Kasumi
Mai's fire finish
Joe has troubles
Definitely, like in wrestling
W. Krauser and Mature in ballet pose
Smoke! I'm blind! Yori has small advantage now
Beating lying Vice
Kentou should catch Mai
Kim blocks Athena's kick
Nice ass
Chin is defeated
Ryo tries stroke Leona's ass
Benimaru's spinning jump
Surprised Robert
Robert vs Kyo
Yep, Japanese game
Fight under bridge
Fast kick
Drunk Chin
Vice vs Kasumi
Blood hit
Mirror match

Game Boy version

Title screen (in Super Game Boy).
Team selection: now, the violent fighting will come again...
Selecting the battle order.
The story
Title screen (Japanese version)
Choose your fighter
Round 1
He got a good shot on me
K. O.
You Won!
My taunt (in Japanese)

Neo Geo version

Title screen.
Character selection.
Setting the battle order.
After some fighting time, Iori Yagami grabs Leona Heidern with his side-switching move Kuzukaze...
Kyo Kusanagi's kickin' offensive: he's about to conclude his move 125 Shiki: Nanase in Chang Koehan!
Athena Asamiya uses her move Psychic Teleport to successfully avoid Kasumi Todo's Kasane Ate damage.
Mature gets to hit-connect accurately the first 2 blood-slashing hits of her move Death Row in King!
Benimaru Nikaido's offensive strategy being successfully hit-stopped by Robert Garcia's Ryuuga move.
Vice uses her move Ravenous (Outrage's air version) against Ryo Sakazaki: he's about to be struck...
Benimaru Nikaido strikes back... and attacks Leona Heidern using his shockin' move Benimaru Koreda!
Terry Bogard tries to hit Leona Heidern, but he's stopped by the 5 hits of her Baltic Launcher move!
Aiming to hit-damage a recovering Mature successfully, Andy Bogard executes his Shouryuu Dan move.
Mai Shiranui avoids Kyo Kusanagi's anti-air move 100 Shiki: Oniyaki using her move Musasabi no Mai.
Demonstrative match: Iori Yagami's counterattack is suddenly stopped by Wolfgang Krauser's grab...
Victory screen.
While Athena Asamiya executes a taunt, Clark Steel approaches her, trying to start a counterattack.
Mr. Big attempts to hit Kensou Sie with a baton-based Strong Punch: Kensou doesn't shows any action!
Goro Daimon smashes Vice successfully with the accuracy of his grabbing move Tsukami Tataki Tsuke...
Chang Koehan executes his head-grabbing move Hagan Geki, causing some more damage in Goro Daimon...
Through his SDM Kaiser Wave, Wolfgang Krauser attempts to hit-strike back a defensive Kim Kaphwan.
Kasumi assumes her defensive position: it's an emergency measure to avoid Joe's SDM Screw Upper...
Ralf Jones being injured by the leg-grabbing-non-stop hits of Vice's DM Negative Gain: outstanding!
Robert Garcia's counterattack opportunity being interrupted by Iori Yagami's Hyaku Shiki: Oniyaki.
Mature executing her Despair move simultaneously with Robert's kick: no damage for both this time...
P2 Mai trying to hit P1 Mai with her Hishou Ryuu'en Jin: P1 Mai Shiranui's avoiding was successful!
Unhappily, Kim Kaphwan was the next shockin' victim of Benimaru Nikaido's blow Handou Sandan Geri...
P2 Terry Bogard gets a chance to damage P1 Terry Bogard with a Power Dunk: it's strike back time!
Using a simple Light Punch, Leona Heidern attempts to hit-stop Wolfgang Krauser's move Kaiser Kick.
Chizuru Kagura hit-damaging Geese successfully with his anti-air move Hyakkatsu: Tenjin no Kotowari.
Goenitz uses his Yamidoukoku to finish Andy once and for all: his goal was partially accomplished...
Mai shiranui is dressing kimono as victory pose

Neo Geo CD version

Title Screen and Main Menu
Order Select
I don't care what you guys think, Robert Garcia's flying kick ALWAYS looks cool!
Yuri Sakazaki's uppercut looks cool too, but it's not the COOLEST uppercut there is (sorry, Yuri, but that title belongs to Sagat)... ;)

PlayStation version

Title screen
Character selection
Main menu.
A brief tutorial about how to play.
Order selection
Loading screen.
Chang is attacking Mai.

SEGA Saturn version

Main menu
Select your fighter from an impressive amount of characters.
Loading screen
The match just started, and already I feel a headache.
Tough man talk

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  • The King of Fighters '96 Screenshot
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  • The King of Fighters '96 Screenshot
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  • The King of Fighters '96 Screenshot
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  • The King of Fighters '96 Screenshot
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