The King of Fighters '99: Millennium Battle Screenshots

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Arcade version

Title screen
Player select
Whip uses whip
Jhun (striker) appears
Leona vs Robert
Gals fight
Xianfei's low kick
Double hit in Terry's cojones
Fatality! Ok, almost :D
Bao protects Mai
Bao vs Kensou
Mai helps
K' vs Terry
Flame hand
Maxima's finishing punch
Knee in Joe
Jhun over Takuma
Choi's spinning jump, Kasumi missed him
Little mess

Neo Geo version

Title Screen
Character Select
Order Select
VS. Screen
Victory Screen
Kyo VS. Yuri
Kyo VS. Iori
Xiangfei VS. Jhun
Kyo-1 VS. Chin
Maxima VS. Krizalid
K' VS. Krizalid
Leona VS. Shingo
Benimaru VS. Whip
Jhun VS. Robert
Kyo-1 VS. Athena
Terry VS. Choi
Kasumi VS. Andy
With the impact of his new flaming DM 182 Shiki, Kyo Kusanagi connects a 2-hit combo in Choi Bounge.
Athena attacks Chin launching her Psycho Ball, but it is quickly annulled by Chin's DM Gouran Enpou.
Robert blocks the offensive formed by Kyo's Orochinagi and Iori's DM Ura 311 Shiki: Saku Tsumagushi.
Choi's SDM Super Tornado Vacuum Slice is about to hit a feet-arrested Chin Gentsai: what a bad luck!
Kasumi Todo applying a sweep in Whip: judging by her scared expression, this was an unexpected move!
Yuri and Robert threw simultaneously their Haou Shou Kou Kens, causing a damaging double COUNTER.
After having implanted her Earring Bomb in Kim, Leona stands back and triggers the artifact in him.
Whip Shot move: using her swinging combat weapon, Whip could connect a single-accurate hit in Leona.
Fearing a possible attack of Ryo, Kasumi calls Bao to help executing his DM Psycho Ball Attack: Max.
Practice Mode session – Andy smashing Li Xiangfei with a 8-hit combo provoked by his SDM Ryushi Ken.
King was grabbed by Benimaru: it's the perfect moment to Mai execute her DM Dance of the Water Bird!
Athena Asamiya confronts her alter-ego through a offensive attack involving both Psycho Reflectors.
Ryo (helped by Xiangfei) attacks K' with his SDM Haou Shou Ko Ken, but he escapes using a high jump.

Neo Geo CD version

Title screen (US)
Title screen (Japan)
Taking a time in the old-school "How To Play" screen...
Character selection
Setting the battle order.

PlayStation version

US title screen & main menu, Millennium Battle appears on this version
Title screen / Main menu
Character selection screen
Setting the battle order.
Joe gives Mai a knee to the chest
Double team time! Shingo summons his striker Kasumi to perform an attack on King.
Beware of the old man -- Chin may not be as young as Jhun, but he's just as threatening
Shingo's not feeling too good after a swift kick from Athena
Bao used his grabbing move Critical Throw and is about to drop-damage Mai Shiranui in the ground!
Now, Chang Koehan executes his non-stop-fast-hitting-grabbing move Dai Hakai Nage against King!
Li Xiangfei could stop Mai Shiranui's Striker Attack through the wise execution of his Nanpa move.
Whip using his swinging combat weapon to connect a successful Body Blow Attack in Clark Steel.
Iori Yagami did his switch-side move Kuzukaze in Yuri Sakazaki: now, which will be his next action?
Aiming to stop Terry Bogard's offensive, Li Xiangfei uses her sweep against his Power Drive move.
To say the true, Joe Higashi is in a big trouble with the 4 hits of Andy Bogard's Geki Hishou Ken...
Stopped at a safe distance, Ryo Sakazaki waits the end of Maxima's M4 Kata Vapor Cannon to attack.
Yuri Sakazaki uses his DM Hien Hou'ou Kyaku to try surpass Whip's Striker offensive... And she gets!
Even helped by Maxima, Benimaru Nikaido fails in the attempt of hitting King with his Raikou Ken...
Chang Koehan's move Tekkyuu Taiko Uchi successfully reversing Robert Garcia's Ryuu Zanshou effect.
Blue Mary tries to hit Blue Mary (!) with the Dodge Attack command, but she jumps to avoiding it.
Demonstration match with Leona Heidern successfully hitting Chin Gentsai through her High Kick.
Victory screen.
Aiming to recover some power gauge energy, Takuma Sakazaki decides to use his move Sanchin no Kata.
Whip attacks successfully Chin Gentsai with her fast-speeding move S.S. Type A "Code: Yuuetsu".
The time of the match expires, Kyo-1 is declared winner! Round 2...
Kim Kaphwan's attack is suddenly stopped by Mai Shiranui's Night Plover move impact.
Could Blue Mary find a way to avoid Jhun Hoon's DM Hou'ou Ressou Kyaku and attack him? Maybe...
Leona Heidern attempts to protect herself of Joe Higashi's coming attack: his move Ougon no Kakato!
Athena's Psycho Shoot and Kyo's Ura 108 Shiki: Orochi Nagi: it's formed a team-up attack against K'!
Terry Bogard executes his DM Power Geyser and annuls Bao's Psycho Ball Attack MAX offensive action!
Bao's Psycho Ball Attack: DX and Ryo's Kuuchuu Ko'ou Ken: this duo attack damages Chang massively!
Mai Shiranui jumping-damaging Shingo Yabuki with the impact of her knockdown-butt-attack Yusura Ume.
Mai wins
Assisted by Blue Mary's Rapid Spider move, K' tries to attack Kim Kaphwan using his Crow Bites move.
Mai calls Takuma to attack Mary with his Chou Hissatsu Tengu Shikou Ken, but this attempt fails...
Bao's open guard: the best chance that Joe finds to hit him with his DM Shijou Saikyou no Low Kick!
After some hits of Iori's DM Kin 1211 Shiki: Ya Otome, Xiangfei finally burns into his flames...
This time, Shingo Yabuki is ready to block Chang Koehan's DM Tekkyuu Dai Assatsu: let's get it on!
An Armored-Mode Mai fails in trying to hit Krizalid (Mid-Boss Form) with the Body Blow Attack...
Yuri Sakazaki (now with Counter Mode activated) hits Krizalid (Last Boss Form) with his Ko'ou Ken.
Through his 114 Shiki: Aragami move, Kyo Kusanagi aims to stop Leona Heidern's Moon Slasher attack.
Now, Iori's Yami Barai is about to be annulled by Choi's DM Shin! Chouzetsu Tatsumaki Shinkuu Zan...
Voice Gallery mode. In this mode, you can hear all the characters conversations
Color Edit mode, you can change the colors of each character, for example, you can modify this character onto Orochi Leona skin
If you lose a match, don't worry. If you continue, you can enjoy anyone of these continue services
Poor Whip

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  • The King of Fighters '99: Millennium Battle Screenshot
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  • The King of Fighters '99: Millennium Battle Screenshot
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  • The King of Fighters '99: Millennium Battle Screenshot
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  • The King of Fighters '99: Millennium Battle Screenshot
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