King of Fighters R-1 Screenshots (Neo Geo Pocket)

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Neo Geo Pocket version

Title screen.
Title screen (Japanese version).
Options set.
Selecting a team.
Order selection.
Stage briefing.
The first move of the fight against New Faces Team is made by Kyo, using his DM Orochinagi in Chris.
Iori takes advantage of Shingo's defenseless moment and does his DM Ya Sakazuki, paralyzing him.
Located at a "safe" distance, Kim was almost affected by Chizuru's DM Reigi no Ishidzue.
Terry's DM High Angle Geyser is used to stop Athena's jump: he now finishes it with a Power Geyser.
Kyo didn't perceived Ryo's SDM HaouShouKouKen on time and now are feeling the worst consequences...
Kim Kaphwan shows a lot of Tae Kwon Do skills to Shermie, starting by his anti-air move Kuu Sa Jin.
Fighting against Ryo (with a power bar on), Shingo hits him with his DM Kake Hou Rin: critical hit!
Leona executes her guillotine-style move Baltic Launcher in Mai: the combo counter rushes 5 hits!
Victory screen.
Yuri Sakazaki unleashes a well-aimed Rai Ou Ken in her alter-ego's head: what a migraine, man!
Using her Hakuro no Mai, the Shiranui female ninja connects a fast 5-hit combo in a "stunned" Kim.
Introduction frame: Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami comparing powers like the old time...
Yashiro Nanakase getting some shocking-electring damage of Athena's Psycho Reflector.
Using quickly the emergency escape move, Chris escapes successfully from Terry's Burn Knuckle.
Leona is back to more action and this time, she attacks Chris using his DM Rebel Spark: sayonara...
Shermie giving a looping in Leona in her move Shermie Spiral: the impact promises to be strong...
After using her illusionist move, Chizuru is counter-attacked by Kyo and his anti-air move Oni Yaki.
Athena Asamiya in one of her usual post-round quotes.
Chris does his Slide Touch in Orochi Iori, that counter-attacks simultaneously with his fast punch.
Thanks to her DM Rebel Spark, Orochi Leona could put a quick finish in Iori: Round 1 is all of her!
Unlike the console game, Orochi Chris uses the feet to do his Kagami wo Hofuru Honoo, not the hands!
Orochi Shermie, in a smooching performance, does her Mu Getsu no Raigumo in a blocking-ducking Iori.
Yuri tries, but she didn't get to escape of Orochi Yashiro's DM Araburu Daichi: Orochi Power rules?
In question of seconds, Kyo uses the emergency escape move to avoid a lot of Orochi's Bright Light.
Escape into sky
Poor Shermie
Ass attack!
Winner is Chris