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King of the Monsters 2: The Next Thing

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Neo Geo CD

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Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Arcade 2 3.0
Neo Geo Awaiting 1 votes...
Neo Geo CD Awaiting 1 votes...
SNES 3 3.5
Wii Awaiting 1 votes...
Combined MobyScore 5 3.3

The Press Says

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SNESElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Fighting with big monsters? It hasn't really been done before so it wins points for originality. The side-scrolling scenes are a nice breather from the battles with the bosses, but it's too easy to get by little enemies, even when blocking. Also, what's the deal with only three characters? This fact severely limits the replayability. The tunes are great and the control is superb, although your thumb gets numb after a while.
SNESAll Game Guide
If you own King of the Monsters and you sort of like it, but don't love it, you may want to try a different game such as WWF Royal Rumble or Mortal Kombat II. But if you absolutely adored the original game concept -- monsters wrestling while being attacked by outside forces -- you will probably want to pick this one up.
Neo GeoThe Video Game Critic
Instead of feeling like a glorified wrestling title, Kings of the Monsters 2 has the feel of an over the top monster flick, as it should.
Still, the two-player competitive game is silly fun, if only for a day or two. And again, just like the create features it's patterned after, King of the Monsters 2 is somewhat pointless, no great contribution to the medium, and kinda crummy - but likeable nonetheless. Besides, the sequel's never as good as the original.
SNESGamePro (US)
If you liked the first KOM, then this cart is more of the same and you won't be disappointed. But if you want more options, more fighters and more moves, you'd better move to another King-dom.
Neo GeoDigital Press - Classic Video Games
It's still possible to have a fun time. The basic premise is enough to earn more than a few extra points. Oddly, even though it's not licensed, the original better represents the source material we're all familiar with. It may look a little cleaner, and it may sound a little nicer, but SNK has taken away the core of what made the game fresh, and those additions aren't enough to offset what's been taken.
Neo GeoDefunct Games
Now, King of the Monsters 2 is a very hard game no mistake. Yet SNK must have felt that it was so hard that no one was ever going to get past the third level, considering all of them after that are small, boring and unimaginative. Despite the improved fight mechanics, these latter levels are reminiscent of the predecessor, eschewing all the enhancements made in the first few levels and providing nothing more than a simple fight within a very boring arena. So, an improvement upon the first King of the Monsters, but again the flaws mean you won't be playing this for too long. A wasted opportunity.
ArcadeAll Game Guide
Although SNK produced many great games for the arcade, King of the Monsters 2 was a misstep. If you are crafting a sequel to a hit game, you should stick with what works. Don't throw out the plot and get rid of half the characters. They are at least partially responsible for creating a hit in the first place.