King of the Monsters Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Player Select.
Stage 1.
Took a punch.
Punched him back.
Knock down.
Throwing him.
Run away, run away.
Knock him through the air..
Took a punch.
You're knocked down.
Hitting a monster when he's down.
Standing on his chest.
Thrown me off.

Genesis version

Attract Sequence
Action shot!
I am the King of the Monsters!
I don't give the bridge too long...
Looks more like a superhero!

Neo Geo version

Mode Selection
Monster Selection
Opponent is electrocuted
Gone down...
The Count Meter
Get the power ball to increase your power
Let's give him a round of applause
Mr. Mummy shows how much muscle he has
Nothing but an inferno
"I am the champion"
More powerful than ever before
What's he staring at up there
One of the alien's hands picks him up from the nose
"Since he's down and shows no sign of getting up, I shall rid this city of pure evil once and for all."
Brother against brother
In Kobe again
Kyoto in winter.

SNES version

Title screen.
"How To Play" screen / Character selection.
Demonstration match in progress.
Which Japanese does host the next battle?
Mirror match
Exchanging punches
In order to win, you must force down your opponent, stand on him and wait for the time out.
A change of colour indicates an increase of power
Fleeing the stone man
We have been much too kind to this city.
You dung beetle!
Smash your opponents heavily around to get power ups.
Not much time enjoying the nightlife.