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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.6
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.7
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.8
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.1
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.4
Overall User Score (9 votes) 3.8

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Worth Playing (Jan 01, 2009)
Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories for the PS2 is definitely worth checking out, especially if you haven't yet played the GBA original. The story here is essential to getting the most from the tale told in Kingdom Hearts 2, and it's not something that should be missed by the fans of the series. If you've been put off of the Kingdom Hearts titles in the past, particularly with the somewhat-simplistic combat mechanics, then it might be worth your while to check out Re: Chain of Memories; it uses a completely different combat system than the previous entries, and it's much more rewarding because of it. Be sure to pick up this one; at $30, it's nearly a steal and definitely worth playing for the fans.
Atomic Gamer (Jan 06, 2009)
Along this same line of criticism, it’s important to note that CoM is still a remake of a four-year-old game; one remade for the PS2 from the GBA. So it should go without saying that as good as it is, you’ll want to set your expectations accordingly. The inspired card battling system feels as fresh as ever, but the rest of the package, despite the upgrades, will feel dated to anyone who hasn’t played anything but a 360 or PS3 for the last few years. But again, this game is a love letter to KH fans, one that’ll be appreciated most by those who were saddened by its original GBA exclusivity. It’s pure KH fun, and it will immediately remind you why this most unusual clashing of worlds works so well.
IGN (Dec 01, 2008)
I strongly recommend this one, especially if you haven't yet played Chain of Memories and want more insight into Sora and Riku's time between the events of the first and second game. As long as you keep in mind that this is based on a GBA title and was originally just an extra feature in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+, you won't regret the purchase.
Armchair Empire, The (Feb 16, 2009)
While much of the game serves as a recap for anyone who might have missed out on the original Kingdom Hearts, the new story is still engaging enough to traverse through, and the action is still fast and addictive despite the slower-paced RPG adjustments. Whether for first timers or double dippers, Re: Chain of Memories is a worthy addition for fans and newcomers alike.
HonestGamers (Dec 24, 2008)
Chain of Memories has a lot going for it in the uniqueness department. Unfortunately, like most unique games, it’s hard to give it an accurate score. So I’ve developed a rate-it-yourself system for this one. We’ll start with my base of 8. Take away 4 if you think the card system won’t appeal to you. Take away another 2 if you’ve never played a Kingdom Hearts game. And if you absolutely hate Disney characters, take away 8.
GameZone (Dec 19, 2008)
Taking a page from other “from the ground up” remakes of other Square-Enix remakes like Final Fantasy IV on the DS, Re:Chain of Memories is a great way to check out an adventure that many may have missed the first time around.
GamePro (US) (Dec 09, 2008)
Even though it's not a wholly fresh experience, Kingdom Hearts: Re:Chain of Memories is definitely worth a try, especially if you didn't play the original GBA release. There's hours of gameplay in this title (even after beating it once) and the challenge alone should keep things interesting for both hardcore and casual gamers alike. With the series third installment still a ways off and 2006's sequel a fleeting memory, Chain of Memories may be just what ailing Kingdom Heart addicts need to tide them over until the next release.
Even as a Kingdom Hearts fan, it’s hard to get excited about a remake of a GBA card game that sets up the plot for a game well over two years old at this point. Regardless, this is a fun little title. I dug the environment system that has you creating every world as you explore it, and the Slight system had me strategizing how to most effectively utilize my cards to pull off special attacks. Unfortunately, the action gets a little repetitive. Hardcore fans might be interested in the revamped graphics and animated cutscenes, but if you already played your fill of the GBA version I’m not sure there’s much reason to revisit the past.
70 (Jan 12, 2009)
Honestly, this game has no replayability. It’s only appeal is for fans of the series looking for a bridge between Kingdom Hearts and it’s sequel. Once played, if one is jonesing for a little Kingdom Hearts action, they’d be a fool to choose this one again over the previous two titles. While it can be fun while playing, Chain of Memories has one time play written all over it. The card system assures it of that.
RPGamer (Jun 21, 2009)
At the end of the day, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories delivers the experience of the GBA version in whole. The cosmetic upgrades and 3D camera make the game look, sound, and play more like the other Kingdom Hearts games. The new difficulties make the title more accessible while maintaining some of the hardcore challenge. Unfortunately, at its core, Re: Chain of Memories recycles too much from the original Kingdom Hearts. Thankfully, the card battle system and main story salvages the game as a whole. Fans that missed out on the first side-story of the series should definitely check out Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories.
UOL Jogos (Jan 16, 2009)
"Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories" pode não ser a aventura épica dos dois episódios principais da franquia, mas traz uma boa dose de diversão e o inegável carisma dos personagens da Disney e de "Final Fantasy". O sistema de cartas é interessante e permite boas doses de estratégias, tanto no mapa como nas batalhas. Quem não teve a oportunidade de jogar a edição original, para Game Boy Advance, tem uma nova chance de conhecer o jogo, numa versão mais dinâmica e com melhor produção. Para um jogo que nasceu como um extra saiu-se muito melhor que a encomenda.
Back in 2004, I said that despite its problems, Chain of Memories was still worth playing through, but now I'm not so sure. With time, most of the allure has been lost; nearly all of the game's mysteries have been unlocked, adding little incentive for a play through. Even for the most die-hard of Kingdom Hearts fans, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories probably isn't worth your time unless you really need more time with Sora or just like complicated game mechanics.
GamesRadar (Dec 09, 2008)
And yes, we should mention that Japanese players got this game ages ago as a free bonus for buying the fanciest, schmanciest version of Kingdom Hearts II. So, if you're the type to feel indignant about that, go ahead. But then remind yourself that this is the long lost middle Epi/Prologue chapter of your beloved Kingdom Hearts saga, the one you've waited years to play on a system with a screen bigger than two inches across, and bask in the fact that this is still magical and there's still nothing else like it.
Cheat Code Central (Dec, 2008)
After what seems an eternity for news about the impending Kingdom Hearts III, most fans are willing to play anything with Kingdom Hearts attached to it. Thankfully, there’s no real reason to not experience this version of the Game Boy Advanced title. New battles, voice acted cutscenes, and beautiful upgrades to the graphics all make this title a great addition. If you have played the original there may not be as much there for you, but for those that missed out for whatever reason, there’s now no reason for you not to pick this title up. At 30 bucks, this is a deal, and it will help pass the time before the release of Birth by Sleep and 358/2 Days. Just bring your flow chart with you.
In the end, Re:Chain of Memories is a serviceable, inexpensive RPG that will satisfy fans curious about this “lost” chapter in the KH series and the few people who really enjoyed the ­original CoM.
1UP (Nov 29, 2008)
Seriously, though -- for Kingdom Hearts fans who missed out on COM the first time, this is definitely the best way to play it. While the new stuff is small (a few so-so minigames in Hundred Acre Wood, additional voice acting from the Sixth Sense kid, etc.), my memory of Chain of Memories hasn't changed: It's a pleasant little title that reminds me how much I want Kingdom Hearts 3.
GameSpot (Dec 09, 2008)
Although the exploration and combat come with some caveats, Chain of Memories has that charming Kingdom Hearts essence, stirring Square Enix characters with Disney personalities into a likable mixture. For fans of the series, it's a respectable way of revisiting familiar locations and characters, and it will cause you to regain your own fond memories faster than Sora recovers his. Nevertheless, this remake doesn't quite capture all of the magic, and though it's a pleasant addition to the franchise, it isn't a must-play.
Bright Hub (Apr 05, 2011)
The Playstation 2 version of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memory has production values that are in the middle of the game development road and stay average through out the adventure. Gamers who have played Kingdom Hearts will enjoy continuing the adventure.
GameDaily (Dec 18, 2008)
Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories for the PS2 is a remake of the Game Boy Advance game that takes place between the original Kingdom Hearts and its sequel. While all-new voice acting, cut scenes and 3-D visuals spruce things up, the game has a been-there/done that vibe: the bulk of the content (environments, characters, music) was ripped straight from the original. Newcomers will be thoroughly confused by the web of plots and veterans will yearn for more. The card battling system works, although not as well as it did on the GBA. Sadly, this re-imagining has come a bit too late for a series ready for its PS3 debut.
Gaming Age (Feb 06, 2009)
I walk away from this game wondering why. Why remake a game from a remake and then have a useless card game with a troublesome camera. I suspect it is for the usual reason: money, but I like to think it is for the fans. For fans like me that really enjoyed KH and KH2 and can't wait for KH3 and for fans who will still love the game despite all the glaring flaws. That is where they lost me. I enjoyed the story the first time and I even enjoyed hearing it replayed this time; but the card game battles threw me. I believe this game will appeal to those people who have not played it on the DS and that are big fans of the series.