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MacintoshAll Game Guide (1998)
This game is very long and intricate, and not for players unwilling to spend time solving the mysteries and undertaking the quests. If you like games with wonderful graphics and intricately twisted plots, this game is for you. If you are more attracted to hack and slash or shoot and loot type games, this is not for you.
DOSAdventure Classic Gaming (Jan 27, 2010)
Why has Kingdom: The Far Reaches never gained an instant popularity is a mystery. It may be that adventure game fans are tired of dying or running into dead ends in the game.
3DOGamePro (US) (Oct, 1995)
Far Reaches is no salve for traditional RPG warriors, but it makes a great forage into another strange fantasy world. If you think you're going to get the fast action of Dragon's Lair or the solid elements of Chrono Trigger, however, you'd better Reach for something else.
I liked Kingdom: The Far Reaches. The sound and look of the game kept me interested, as did the turns in the plot. Unfortunately, skill is not a factor in this game. If you listen to what people say and have the brains to put two and two together, you'll do just fine. Just don't wander into any locations without first being told to do so or it's curtains. if you're a parent, this will wow your kiddies; If you're older and more patient, this is a relaxing change.
3DOEntertainment Weekly (Jul 21, 1995)
A given clip may be interesting the first time, but repeats can grow tiresome (fortunately, they can be cut short). Step-by-step decisions limit control over Lathan between or during clips, so while Saturday-morning-TV fans may thrill to the thought of manipulating a cartoon, older players aren't likely to be much impressed.
Although much of the game requires you to run simple errands, finding one item here in order to get by a barrier there, making someone happy someplace else, the charm of these characters, their setting and their music, easily makes up for the generic quality of their adventure.
Still, there are a few dozen of hours of puzzles to solve and very entertaining voice acting --- shame about the so-so animation. The verdict: Kingdom is one of the most playable FMV games for the 3DO, which isn't saying much, but hey.
DOSQuandary (Nov, 1995)
All in all this is quite an entertaining game -- not difficult, but involving enough. It seems that 'video' is the way games are going at the moment and, though this excludes the player to a certain degree, Far Reaches nevertheless has enough going for it to keep you entertained. It still requires sufficient player interaction and decision making to sit comfortably within the 'adventure game camp'. But, remember, this is not a traditional adventure game where you can wander about and pick up and manipulate lots of objects. There are a few objects to collect, but it is much more akin to watching a fantasy cartoon with the opportunity to direct the action at the appropriate places.
DOSPC Gamer (Sep, 1995)
As I fired up this latest adventure title from Interplay, I couldn't help but be reminded of Dragon's Lair, the Laserdisc coin-up game that was a hit in the 1980s.
3DOMega Fun (Oct, 1995)
Man weiß natürlich nie, was einen in der nächsten Sequenz erwartet. Tod oder Leben hängt letzlich vom sturen Auswendiglernen ab, bzw. wie oft Ihr abspeichert.
3DOElectric Playground (Aug 30, 1995)
Some games just feel like work. Kingdom the new animated full motion video RPG from Interplay is like that.
MacintoshMac Ledge (Jun 28, 1998)
I approached Reaches as a role playing version of Dragon's Lair, an "interactive Lord of the Rings," as one of the reviews from the box art exclaims. I was soon disappointed. This game is graphically interesting and undoubtedly appealing to some because of the deep storyline, but it's difficult to really make much sense out of the story without retracing your steps over and over. It's linear to the point where if you get the right sequence of moves, you win. If you don't get precisely the right sequence, you go back to the beginning and try to get the right sequence again. You can save the game in progress, but with the linear storyline, it's hard to know how far back you need to retrace your steps in order to figure out what you should have done to survive whatever killed you.
DOSPC Joker (Aug, 1995)
Die nett animierte Comic-Grafik (im zu kleinen Fenster) geht klar, der Sound ebenso. Fehlt eigentlich nur noch ein Gameplay, das diesen Namen auch verdient...
DOSPC Games (Germany) (Aug, 1995)
Als alter Rollenspieler und Fantasyfan war ich von Kingdom - The Far Reaches anfangs sehr angetan, erinnern doch sowohl grafische Gestaltung als auch Story stark an J. R. R. Tolkiens Herr der Ringe und den gleichnamigen Zeichentrickfilm. Nach einiger Zeit schiebt man jedoch eher gelangweilt die Maus über den Bildschirm: zu wenig überraschende Ereignisse (bis auf die zahlreichen „Hoppla, ich bin tot“-Erlebnisse) zeichnen den Spielverlauf aus!
DOSHigh Score (Nov, 1995)
Spelets allra största fördel är installationen, som är föredömligt enkel, eller rättare sagt inte finns alls. Det är bara att tuta och köra. Tyvärr räcker inte det så långt.
Windows7Wolf Magazine (Feb 14, 2006)
Как показывает Thayer's Quest, некоторые игры лучше оставлять в прошлом и не возрождать их без приложения необходимых усилий по части модернизации безнадежно устаревших элементов. Уж лучше бы в Digital Leisure занялись дальнейшим переизданием серии аркадных тиров от American Laser Games, ведь если они и дальше будут продолжать свою работу в таком духе, то вдруг еще им захочется выпустить в XXI веке на DVD, к примеру, игру "Pong" 1972-года, ничем, кроме формата, от оригинала не отличающуюся.
DOSPC Player (Germany) (Sep, 1995)
Ein Königreich für eine Spielidee: Läppische Adventure-Ansätze werden durch bescheidene Zeichentrick-Sequenzen zusammengehalten.
3DOVideo Games (Sep, 1995)
Ich weiß nicht, was sich die Entwickler von solchen Machwerken denken, die Leute haben offensichtlich keine Ahnung, was Spielspaß bedeutet. Kingdom: The Far Reaches ist ein reines Glücksspiel. Man weiß nie, wo man als nächstes hingehen soll, wenn man einen falschen Schritt macht, stirbt man sofort. Dann fängt das Ganze wieder von vorne an und man versucht halt was anderes, bis man die richtige Reiseroute gefunden hat. Irgendwann folgt dann unweigerlich der nächste Fehltritt, und so weiter und so fort.. Mit einem Adventure hat das nichts zu tun, deshalb: Hände weg von diesem Irrsinn!
3DOGame Zero (Feb, 1996)
This game is so bad, that every time I try to play it, I just want to slit my wrists to make it stop. The animation/graphics in this game are horrendous, as is the audio/soundtrack. This game is like someone took the film segments of some failed 70's animated TV movie, cut it up, spliced it together again in no particular order and tried to make it an interactive game. The sad part is, I think there may be a decent story underneath all of the surface crap, but I just can't get myself to tolerate the interface for long enough to find it (and trust me, I've put some time into this game... shudder).