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Defeating Arech Dragonbreath (the big boss)Contributed by MK2k (1396) on Sep 10, 2005.

Arech has stuffed something around 150 dragons (see Screenshot) in his castle. If we would wait years in the game, we could make it up to maybe 50 dragons, so defeating him with dragons or other buyable monsters would be time consuming and rather impossible. But with the following advice it is possible with the first try: We get our character level to the max by defeating lots of villains and having some audiences with the king at his castle. Then we need 2 towns, the first has to sell "instant army" spell, the other town should sell "raise control". Get equal amount of these spells. Go (better: fly) to Arech's Castle, wait until the end of week. Now cast some "instant army" spells, there will always join lots of high monsters of the same group to our army. If they count up to 1000-1500 they should have enough hit points. Now they are out of control, because your leadership has to be equal or higher than the cumulative amount of hitpoints of each group of your army. Therefore we cast some "raise control" spells, until we reach the correct amount and the morale of our monsters is high. Now it's time to visit Arech for a cup of tea, or maybe a little easy fight. As a little advice, we should always defeat the demons first, because they are able to half our monsters.

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meet Arech Dragonbreath

meet Arech Dragonbreath

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