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PlayStationDigital Press - Classic Video Games (Oct 05, 2005)
I'm happy to say that this is my favorite adventure of all, and coming out of a person who has played KF1 and KF:TAC (KF4), I would say that this was the high watermark of the series, and I'm not afraid to say it.
PlayStationP.S.X. (Playstation Experience) (Dec, 1996)
I really like the first King's Field and was happy to discover King's Field II doesn't deviate too radically from the original in terms of gameplay. The biggest area of improvement has to be the story line. It is much more developed than the first King's Field and contains many intricate subplots for the player to unravel.
PlayStationGame Revolution (Jun 04, 2004)
ASCII did a marvelous job of improving King's Field and if you loved the original, you'll love this one twice as much. But King's Field II doesn't have anything new or different. The graphics are wonderful and the variety of enemies, weapons, spell and armor will keep you glued to your TV. This is still the best RPG for the PlayStation and comes highly recommended.
PlayStationP.S.X. (Playstation Experience) (Dec, 1996)
Faithful to the original, King's Field II doesn't wander too far from the path. The improved story line really helps get you into the game, along with new creatures and equipment you may discover. Patient game players and role-playing fans will find that this sequel is worth taking a look at.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation (Jun, 1997)
Well, after five months of on again off again playing, I can finally say that I am through with the game. While I am not completely certain that I have found everything there is to find, I am putting this game on my shelf with the satisfaction and pride that I have completed it...finally. Kingsfield II presents a world not often found in videogames...it has it's own special aura that draws you in and doesn't let you go...
PlayStationP.S.X. (Playstation Experience) (Dec, 1996)
Although some of the conversations with characters are poorly translated from the Japanese, the story moves along rather well. This game should appeal to any fan of RPGs. Just remember to stick with it past the first few areas.
PlayStationGamezilla (1997)
KF II is a very entertaining game that will keep you playing hour after hour. The worlds are huge and there is always a new challenge waiting around every corner. The somewhat archaic combat system still does not do it for me but it is better in this one than in the first King's Field. In KF III I would love to see some long range weapons like a bow and arrows or spears. This would add tremendously to the combat aspect of the game. But, with that already said, I think that the focus of the game is more on the adventure side than the combat side. If Ascii could just find a happy medium for KF III, they will definitely have a winner on their hands.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation (Jun, 1997)
Long and Slow, Long and Slow. If you have the patience to stick with this game, then you will certainly get your moneys worth.
PlayStationMega Fun (Feb, 1997)
Ihr watschelt durch die Gegend, killt Monster und versucht zu überleben. Das ist anfangs gar nicht so einfach und so werden die ersten Stunden des Spiels durch reichliche Frustmomente versauert. Aber wer sich zurechtgefunden hat und sich durch den hohen Schwierigkeitsgrad nicht abschrecken läßt, bekommt dafür gute Unterhaltung für sein Geld geboten.
PlayStationGameSpot (Dec 01, 1996)
The first King's Field was an excellent game, and its like-minded sequel is even better. This is an exciting, non-linear journey filled to the brim with swords, sorcery, and secrets. It is also a captivating, challenging, and lengthy role-playing game, and fans of role-playing adventurers should take it for a spin.
PlayStationElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) (Jan, 1997)
I'm not a big fan of first-person RPGs as it is, but Kings Field 2 does stand out in that game mainly for the variety of levels. The graphics are decent but nothing too special. Most of the characters in the game are no more simple, shaded polygons with little detail. The game is huge, so those who want a long-lasting game should be more than happy. Some simple elements annoyed me, like having to go all the way down a long corridor and then find out that the key is far away in another area. Of course, this is the nature of RPGs but there's a point when it becomes slightly tedious. I prefer top-down RPGs better.
PlayStationGamePro (US) (Apr, 1996)
King's Field is definitely a rental. With flaccid gameplay and less-than-fearsome monsters, this adventure takes the long and winding road to the discount barrel.