King's Field II Screenshots

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PlayStation version

Title screen
The intro shows demonic creatures...
...and decisive battles for the fate of the kingdom
Some demo gameplay, showing things to come
A rather short and cryptic text intro
This guy gives you a sword and sends you away. Hey, dude, I'm a PRINCE, oookay? Treat me with... whassaname.. respect!!
As you can see already from the starting area, this King's Field is more open and overworld-oriented than the previous games
Stats, shmats...
Fighting a fearsome killer plant
There are many more houses here than in the previous games
Dude... hire a new interior decorator. Seriously
Have YOU joined the Communist Party of Soviet Union, comrade?
Caves, treasure chests... now this feels more like King's Field
Killer mushrooms. Man, what's wrong with the plants and fungi here?..
Yes, I can see that, unfortunately...
Later in the game you'll gain access to some splendid trinkets
Casting a Haze spell on a mummy in a graveyard dungeon
Ominous gargoyles protect this path
Nice scene with a fountain
You'll eventually acquire some maps
Casting a containing spell on a spider-engraved door
Hellish environment with very tough warriors casting spells on me
Bluish cave; barrels and animation of my character's arm with a strong sword
Fireball over the head of a pesky knight