King's Quest II: Romancing the Stones Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

An opening screen familiar to fans of the series
From the intro: Graham is troubled
Sierra's old interface makes a return
A screen from the original game is beautifully redone
Many of the screens are entirely new, like the town of Kolyma
One of the new characters in this remake
Graham is still as clumsy as ever
Rubber ducky, you're the one...
Damn right, I am!
Hey, it was worth a shot...
Graham ponders the situation carefully
Neptune's underwater hall
I hate it when that happens
Graham and the witch get along fabulously
Don't look down
The game progresses from day to night as the story unfolds
Is this the only boat to the castle?
This place only looks slightly evil...
What is this place?
Version 3.0: The minister at the introduction
Version 3.0: Fly-by over the land of Kolyma
Version 3.0: The witch
Version 3.0: Graham arriving in Kolyma.
Version 3.0: Graham mauled by the spikes.
Version 3.0: Graham transformed into a piglet.
Version 3.0: Swan lake
Version 3.0: Pumpkin mother
Version 3.0: A literal treehouse
Version 3.0: Graham quenching his thirst on a stream.
Version 3.0: Librarian
Version 3.0: Book page
Version 3.0: Merchant
Version 3.0: Church
Version 3.0: Bridge
Version 3.0: Rock face
Version 3.0: Graham talking to the rock being.
Version 3.0: Cottage
Version 3.0: Graham searching inside the fallen tree log.
Version 3.0: Mermaid
Version 3.0: Swamp
Version 3.0: Inventory