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Nintendo 64The Next Level
To wrap things up, let me just say everyone should play Kirby 64. If just for a rental, every gamer owes it to themselves to play a really good 2D platformer. It's especially heart-warming to see a game like this pop up when the genre is an endangered species. And to all the critics who think a game isn't challenging unless it's littered with explosions and guns - give it up. The element that makes a game good is FUN, which is exactly what Kirby 64 is.
Nintendo 64Mag'64
Die möglichen Kombinationen lassen einen solange probieren bis man alle durch hat. Und dann beginnt erstmal das große Nachdenken, an welche bisher unerreichte Kristalle man nun herankommt. Wer seinen Kindern ein Spiel für lange in die Hand drücken will ist hier genau richtig. Gewaltfrei, zuckersüß und trotzdem leicht verlieren sie nicht die Lust am spielen. Aber auch Erwachsene Spieler, die sich mit der Grafik und dem Sound anfreunden können bekommen durch den Tiefgang ebenfalls etwas geboten das lange begeistern kann. Eines zeigt Nintendo mit dem Spiel aber wieder überdeutlich. Wenn es um Innovationen und Ideen geht bestimmen sie wo's langgeht. Und wer weiß. Vielleicht gibt es ja doch noch einen 7. Planeten. ;-)
En conclusión, podemos decir que Kirby 64, después de muchas incógnitas, ha cumplido con creces lo esperado de él. Un apartado técnico que cumple con creces y un apartado sonoro que, a pesar de no ser una maravilla, realiza su función perfectamente. Por otra parte un apartado jugable digno de recordar y que no se ha vuelto a repetir, desgraciadamente, en ningún título de la saga (salvo en el futuro Kirby: Squeak Squad para NDS). Con ese único lastre de la duración, que le hace restar puntos al cómputo general.
Nintendo 64Mega Fun
Besonders Spieler jüngerer Semester werden mit Sicherheit sehr viel Spaß an Kirby 64 haben. Durch den sehr niedrig angesiedelten Schwierigkeitsgrad ist dieser Titel aber auch für Frauen bestens geeignet.
Nintendo 64Gaming Target
The replay in Kirby 64 may be non-existent for many gamers. As I said before, the single player game won't take you long to beat and the multiplayer mode doesn't keep its lasting appeal forever. Like Yoshi's Story, this game is well suited to rent rather than shelling out the full price for a purchase.
Nintendo 64HappyPuppy
The only other hang-up may come with getting over your aversion to all that candy-coated goodness, especially for those of us in the 12-and-over age group. But don't let a little hyper happiness get in the way of a good time. To all the tough guys holding off, I say, suck it up and enjoy this original game for all it's worth. God knows Kirby would.
Nintendo 64Game Informer Magazine
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards is definitely best for the younger player, as this adventure is not too difficult; still older players might not want to miss the great action/platforming that Kirby 64 delivers.
So what's the final verdict on Kirby 64's encore appearance on the Virtual Console? Good, but not great. The game is still a solid and enjoyable platforming experience for fans of the pink puffball and worth a look with its asking price of 1000 Wii Points – it's just not as versatile or as representative of the Kirby franchise as a whole as other games are, like Kirby's Adventure or Kirby Super Star. Kirby 64 on the VC is a 10 dollar investment that will earn you a couple of afternoons of simple, casual and unchallenging gameplay and then will likely not get revisited too often in your Wii's Channel Array. But if you have younger gamers in your household who need an easy and accessible platformer to get into, definitely give it a look – they'll have a blast hunting down all the missing Crystal Shards.
Nintendo 64Game Freaks 365
For all practical purposes, Kirby 64 is just another Kirby game. If you are a Kirby fan and you've ever had an N64, odds are you have already played it. If you haven't played it, I guess that, for the price it usually sells for, it might be a bit nonlengthy for the platformer fan that isn't a fan of Kirby. If you are a fan of Kirby, it is a fine addition to your collection of Kirby games if you don't already have it.
WiiDigitally Downloaded
Kirby 64: The Crystal Stars will inevitably have its fans and detractors, but it’s relieving to know most of the issues come down to opinion and the nature of the franchise rather than genuinely poor game design. This isn’t a title for everyone and certainly didn't take the series into bold new territory, but Kirby fans should find something to like here.
Wer sich „Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards“ auf die Wii herunterlädt, bekommt ein kunterbuntes und fröhliches Hüpfspiel, dass vor allem von seinem niedlichen Hauptdarsteller und dessen besonderen Fähigkeiten profitiert. Die Gegner einzusaugen und mit ihrem Fähigkeiten zu Experimentieren, macht nach wie vor eine Menge Spaß. Allerdings richtet sich dieses Jump’n’Run wegen seines gedrosselten Tempos und seines niedrigen Schwierigkeitsgrades wohl eher an Kinder oder unerfahrene Gelegenheitsspieler. Kirby-Fans lassen sich davon jedoch nicht beeindrucken und werden das Spiel wahrscheinlich schon aufgrund seiner Lollipop-Atmosphäre in vollsten Zügen genießen.
Nintendo 64Super Play
För alla er som har gått och längtat efter ett nytt Kirby-äventyr och på senare år endast fått spela er favorit som slagskämpe i Super Smash Bros är frälsningen här. Kirby har landat!
Nintendo 64Gamekult
Même si Kirby 64 : The Crystal Shards s'adresse en priorité aux plus jeunes, avec son univers coloré et ses graphismes enfantins, il s'avère très amusant, même pour les plus vieux. Basé sur une bonne gestion des pouvoirs spéciaux et un maniement habile de Kirby, le gameplay est riche et s'appuie sur d'excellentes idées, qui apportent beaucoup de variété. Hélas, la durée de vie n'est pas à la hauteur et seuls les mini-jeux, bien fendards mais à faible dose, permettront de ressortir le titre du placard. Un bon jeu malgré tout.
Nintendo 64Cubed3
Kirby 64 shows just how well a 2.5D side-scrolling platform game can be, mixing the tried-and-tested platform mechanics of past entries with an impressive selection of varied worlds to play through, clever boss battles, plus an innovative take on the usual trademark power absorption technique Kirby uses for attacking. The only real drawback is the reduction in speed of the main character, which adds to the already decreased difficulty in what appears to be an entry-level edition of the series. Thankfully there is still more than enough fun for veteran fans to warrant a try…
Une sortie N64, ça fait toujours plaisir. Surtout lorsqu'il s'agit du retour de l'un des personnages fétiches du constructeurs. Kirby 64 est un jeu plaisant mais sans surprise, à conseiller uniquement aux plus jeunes.
Nintendo 64Gamesmania
Kirby bietet ein erfrischendes Konzept und eine gewöhnungsbedürftige Knuddpräsentation, die für die einen topp ist, für die anderen jedoch Flop. Anfänger und Kinder werden ihre Freude haben, alle anderen sind maßlos unterfordert.
Nintendo 64Power Unlimited
Als de game wat uitgebreider was geweest en wat langer houdbaar, had ik 'm zeer zeker een hoger cijfer gegeven. Toch is 't geen onaardig spelleke geworden.
Nintendo 64GameSpot
While some might be initially put off by the youthful nature of Kirby 64, the depth of the power combo system really brings a lot to what would otherwise be an average platformer. Nintendo 64 owners should definitely give this one a look.
Nintendo 64Digital Press - Classic Video Games
Nintendo has done it yet again with a great entry into one of their ever-expanding mascot games. The colorful graphics and the game many hidden items will keep most players busy, but the actual game doesn't give the gamer that much to fuss over and most will quickly lose interest.
Kirby 64 is a very whimsical, uplifting game. It boasts a good plot, and very easy to learn controls. It is indeed one of the few "pick up and play" games that exist for the N64. Kirby games are normally famed for this particular characteristic. The designers kept true to that aspect, and did a very good job of such. All in all, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards is a quality game that should not be played all at once, but rather, played over a longer period of time than other games. If I was in a strange English class and hade to make a generalization fo Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, I would change my previous one to this: Kirby 64 is a quality game, but it is more of a game for the casual gamer than anything else.
WiiNintendo Life
Overall Kirby 64 is a bit of a disappointment. Not a disappointment of epic proportions, but compared to Kirby’s previous outings it feels a little flat. It lacks the attention to detail and charm that define the series as a whole. For platform/adventure fans this is definitely still worth a look. It’s not a bad platformer by any means – it just had a lot to live up to.