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Kirby Air Ride (GameCube)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

User Reviews

One of the best Game-cube games I've played Jason Hodges (3) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

Our Users Say

Category Description MobyScore
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.8
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.4
Overall MobyScore (15 votes) 3.4

The Press Says

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There have been a lot of mixed-reviews lately regarding this game. I can honestly say that all the negative reviews are from people who either see this game for the bright colors and for the simplistic controls it has, or because they didn't divulge enough time into this killer game. Though there are a small amount of courses, players will want to come back more and more with their friends to have some racing mayhem fun. HAL has once again showed us that they can make any type of game and perfect it. Racing and Kirby fans will surely love this title.
Super Play
Tyvärr kommer Kirby Air Ride med all säkerhet att glömmas bort någonstans mellan F-Zero GX och Mario Kart: Double Dash för att aldrig synas på några försäljningslistor. Väljas bort till förmån för något annat, något mindre viktigt. Jag kan bara hoppas att det inte blir så, men om jag så för all framtid kommer att sitta ensam med ett exemplar av det här spelet kommer jag att ropa till alla som går förbi; Kirby Air Ride, spelet för mästare! Ja, jag är barnslig. Fler borde vara som jag. (Wee!)
GamePro (US)
Kirby is disturbingly cute, but his GameCube racing title shows some sophisticated innovation. Kirby has always been one of Nintendo’s best-loved and strangest mascots, and now he’s on GameCube in his own twist on Mario Kart. It’s no killer app, but HAL’s pink puffer has a few racing tricks up his, erm, complete lack of sleeves.
PGNx Media
The creampuff is back... racing? Yes, well, if you know your Nintendo history as well as I do, you know that this game has finally arrived five years too late. The game had been originally slated for the N64, and it got scrapped in favor of the Crystal Shards, which was a bust. Finally, the game got pushed to the GCN in a similar style to Resident Evil 0, which had also been originally slated for the N64 first. Kirby's Air Ride is certainly a fun game for the youngsters, but after five years it is really sad that the best game that they could come up with is pretty mediocre.
Kirby Air Ride ist ein witziger Mario Kart-Verschnitt geworden, der zwar hoch hinaus und seinen Ziehvater (Mario Kart) überholen wollte, dies jedoch in keiner Disziplin schafft. Das liegt zum einen daran, dass die Rennen sehr schnell unübersichtlich werden und das Spiel dadurch ins Hektische ausartet. Auf der anderen Seite haben die Entwickler bei HAL versucht durch die einfache Steuerung und Handhabung der Fortbewegungsmittel vor allem jüngere Spieler anzusprechen. Doch beides ist in keinster Weise gelungen. Auch die anderen Spielmodi wie City Trail können über den, vor allem für mich enttäuschenden, Air Ride Modus nicht hinwegtäuschen. Auch der Multiplayermodus ist vor allem mit seiner Breitband Adapter Unterstützung gut gemeint, kann mich aber auch nicht vollends überzeugen, da er an demselben Manko leidet wie der Solospieler Modus.
Game Informer Magazine
Kirby Air Ride has a control scheme as simple as I’ve seen since the Atari 2600. Here it is: You steer with the left analog stick, and the A button does everything else. As dull as this sounds, HAL has managed to do some cool things within this spartan design aesthetic. In the tradition of Kirby, you can swallow various power-ups and spit out enemies by pressing A; as well as use A to hit turbo pads and do a dash move by holding – you guessed it – A to build Kirby’s energy. This dash move actually results in some cool gameplay, as you can use it to slow down, then slingshot yourself around corners. However, I think that many will wish they had a few more options in the way of control.
Kirby est un titre très sympathique mais qui pèche un peu au niveau du contenu. Si le mode Air Ride est intéressant, ce n'est pas le cas du City Trial ni même le Wayride. Heureusement que le fun est là et qu'on s'y amuse sinon il n'aurait pas fait long feu face aux ténors du genre.
Mit 66 Prozent konnte Nintendo's neuestes Rennspiel nicht gerade viele Lorbeeren einheimsen. Ich möchte Kirby Air Ride fast als "etwas seltsam" bezeichnen, auch wenn das natürlich keine der Branche entsprechende Beschreibung ist. Wichtig ist noch anzumerken, dass die Bewertung doch eher für Erwachsene gilt. Bei unseren jungen Testspielern konnten wir merklich mehr Freude am Spiel feststellen. Eltern, die für ihre Kleinsten ein knuffiges Rennspiel suchen, dürfen also gerne 15-20 Prozent zu den 66 dazu zählen.
Nintendo Life
As we’ve learned from the casual gaming market in recent years, "simple" doesn’t always equate to a "dull" experience, and that mostly rings true for Kirby Air Ride as there's a fair amount of multiplayer fun to be had in each of its three game modes. In fact, parents of small children just may find it to be the perfect way to introduce their kids and/or non-gaming spouses to video games. However if you’re an adult looking for a game to play alone - or you’re a hardcore gamer looking for something that demands a higher level of strategy and skill - it would be recommended that you hitch a ride with Mario or Captain Falcon instead.
Kirby Air Ride is a pretty strange game. At first, the racing mechanics appear mind-bogglingly simple, and the visuals sickeningly cute, but after digging a little deeper, a decent arcade-style racing title is uncovered. KAR marks a larger moment, however, for the GameCube as it is the first U.S. title to support LAN multiplayer gameplay via the use of the until-now unused broadband network adaptor. Does this mean that Nintendo is about to take its games online? Not quite, but this is a definite stride in the right direction.
Game Freaks 365
Any sense of purpose can be thrown out the window because of both the simplicity and the half-assed control layout, leaving gamers with nothing more than frustration. In the end of the day, only three game modes and an insanely simplistic and idiotic control layout will leave gamers wondering, why the hell did I rent/purchase this?
Nachdem ich in den ersten 30 Minuten fast schon gewillt war, Kirby die „Gurke des Monats“ zu verleihen, muss ich eingestehen, dass sich mit zunehmender Spieldauer so etwas wie Spaß einstellt. Zwar dürfte sich der Luftritt vornehmlich an eine jüngere Zielgruppe richten, doch mit den zahlreichen Herausforderungen in jedem der drei unterschiedlichen Spielmodi sind auch die Älteren gefordert. Das „Ein-Knopf-Steuerungsprinzip“ an sich ist zwar anfangs etwas abschreckend, aber eine gute Idee – wenngleich sie im Detail schlecht umgesetzt wurde und im Zusammenspiel mit den Power-Ups unausgereift wirkt. Grafisch punktet Kirby zwar nicht unbedingt mit Detailfreude und Texturqualität, bringt dafür aber das Geschehen jederzeit flüssig auf den Bildschirm. Anhänger von Fun-Racern sollten allerdings trotz allem lieber zu dem ausgereifteren Mario Kart Double Dash greifen, das in allen Belangen überlegen ist.
L'adorable (détestable ?) Kirby aurait mieux fait de rester à sa place plutôt que de pousser les autres dans le seul but d'avoir son jeu à lui sur GameCube. A vouloir être trop accessible, le gameplay de ce jeu de course se révèle mal pensé et l'on ne prend guère de plaisir à recommencer sans arrêt les mêmes parcours pour débloquer de nouveaux défis. Mieux vaut passer votre chemin.
It's one thing to make a game simple so that anybody can enjoy it. Just look at Mario Kart, for instance. It's another thing entirely to make it so simple and so devoid of depth or challenge that most will dislike it -- will, in fact, be utterly bored with it. This is Kirby Air Ride.
In the end, Kirby Air Ride feels like a bit of a throwaway. By being sandwiched in between one great racing game and one highly anticipated kart racing game, Kirby Air Ride makes almost no impact. The overly simplified gameplay really holds it back, and overall, it's a game that really can't be recommended to anyone, young or old.
The Next Level
As far as games go, Kirby Air Ride is a nice diversion in a hobby of diversions. When the complexities of Morrowind are too great, when huge midterms means only a few minutes of fun time here and there, this is a game that cuts through all convolution and has fun. Just be sure to bring some buddies along for the ride.
Game Revolution
Of all the mascots in the Nintendo family, none have accomplished so much with so little as Kirby. He’s got a giant mouth, but can’t talk. He has stumps for arms and holes for eyes. He can float but not fly, run but not roll. It’s a wonder the little gumball ever managed to land a contract in the first place.
Kirby Air Ride occupies an awkward position in Nintendo's lineup, coming between futuristic hover-racer F-Zero GX and the alpha male of the mascot kart racing genre, Mario Kart: Double Dash!! The game takes elements of both (cutesy mascots racing on hovering jetboards), yet manages to look and feel wholly original. Pity then that what makes Kirby unique also prevents it from being a good game.
The Video Game Critic
With his career fading and popularity plummeting, former platform game star Kirby has been reduced to doing kart games in order to finance his sizeable crack habit. I've never been a huge fan of this obese pink ghost, and Air Ride isn't going to change that. This odd package offers a hodgepodge of games, but none are compelling enough to warrant a purchase. In fact, a few of these gave me a splitting headache!