Kirby's Dream Land 3 Screenshots

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SNES version

The first level group
World map
A nice grassy level
You can ride this animal... not that it'll change a lot
How to get at that 1up?
After finishing a level, you have some bomus items to jump on and to collect
Nice clouds, and nasty things flying around
We are flying! We are flying!
Now Kirby and his buddy have climbed very high...
A mini-game: recognize the face this guy just showed to you
Game over
Climbing up a hill, avoiding those little pesky suckers
I don't really trust this head
Underwater level. Pay attention to the bats
This green thing can swallow you and throw you very high to the next platform
Umm, yummy
The end of a level anticipates sometimes the next one
Nice birch trees... Birch? Is this correct?? 'Scuse my English ;)
Cosay atmosphere, nasty creatures
This spider looks mean