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Kirby's Star Stacker Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy version

Opening animation
Title screen
Choose you game. Vs needs link cable.
Goal for Clear Round
Round 1 of Clear Round
I cleared it
Goal of Challenge
I failed
Goal of Time Attack
The Time Attack round
I stacked 52 stars in 3 minutes
Title screen (Super Game Boy)

SNES version

Opening animation
Title screen.
Main menu
Choose which game to play
Choose the difficulty level
I just clear stacks as fast as I can
The stacks reached the top and I lost. I'm drowning my sorrows.
I am playing rounds and I cleared mine.
The farther along I go, the harder the rounds get.
Starting round five
I finished and won all ten rounds
Having won, I celebrate
A story mode
The map
I am playing the computer
I won for this area of the map. Now on to the next.