KISS: Psycho Circus - The Nightmare Child Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Madam Raven will guide you through the adventure with useful advice... Perilous? Really?
Pamphlets found along the way describe your equipment, weapons, and enemies.
The Starbearer avatar checks himself out in a cloudy mirror.
Little blue vials of health, they're not just for breakfast anymore.
The Beast King avatar receives a power-up.
Morbid Manor and some headless feaks who dwell within.
The Manor interior is decorated with tasteful art...
The avatar of the Celestial battles Gasbags and Ballbusters.
The Celestial avatar stares into a portal mirror.
The Demona avatar takes on an Arachniclown
The 4th avatar - The Demon
Strongman can induce quakes (and hits pretty hard).
Shooting rockets at some flying enemies.
Aerial assault: flying clowns and their exploding pins.
These guys are called ballbusters. Guess why.
As long as the energy stations are intact, this boss enemy will regenerate.
Beautiful mirrors connect the levels.
Beware the unipsychos -- extremely hard enemies who'll burn you alive.
Spawners generate lots of monsters, so you'd better close them quickly.
Arachni-clowns throw lightning. Thanks to your gauntlets, you can throw lightning back at them.