Kittens Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game's start screen
A cat has been selected. The name is limited to just twelve characters.
This is the garden. Clicking on Stroke in the lower left turns the cursor into a hand which the player waves over the cat to make it happy, release hearts, and score points
This is the game's main help screen. There are two others one which shows the toys and one which shows the status bars, but that's all there is
This screenshot shows the available toys. The garden looks good but nothing in it can be interacted with in any way, except the cat
MobySupercat likes his scratch pole
This is the kitchen
This is a cat being stroked in the Living Room area, and being a cat it is completely ignoring its toy
The poo status bar, centre of the bars on the lower right, indicates the cat needs to poo. When it does defecate the dump just fades away.
When the kitten is tired the player selects the Care button from the menu on the left and from there they select Bed. Hey Presto, the kitten goes to sleep. I wish real life was this simple
This is displayed as the player exits the game