Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Game Boy Advance (Australia/New Zealand):

    Another dream, another adventure!

    A grumpy Emperor suffering from insomnia has banned dreaming and imprisoned Klonoa for breaking the law. To prove his courage and win his freedom, Klonoa must defeat the monsters that are creating havoc throughout the empire. Help our hero in his most perilous journey yet and experience the all-new thrills!

    • Brand new exclusive adventure.
    • Conquer 40 incredible stages.
    • Solve devious brain teasers.
    • Classic game play includes double-jumping and hover-boarding.

    Contributed by Ben K (23053) on Jan 17, 2006.

    Cool cat in puzzling platformer.

    A platformer that feels much like a puzzler, Namco's Mario-inspired game should engross fans who like to exercise their brains as much as their twitchy fingers.

    Cat-like hero Klonoa is in deep doo-doo for talking wise to evil Emperor Jillius, who has outlawed dreams. To gain an imperial pardon, Klonoa must figure his way through 40 levels in five worlds. Something of a hep cat, Klonoa coolly sports a backward baseball cap that's cleverly decorated with a pic of Pac-Man, the star of Namco's current Pac-Man Collection for GBA. Cut-scenes show Klonoa him chatting with Navi-like pal Huepow.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (60745) on Jan 16, 2006.